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Setouchi Finder is made by Writers living in Setouchi area. They share the attraction by their own view.


Vicky Taylor

I'm an adventurer who moved to Japan and bought a house in the country side after 6 months of traveling in Asia.



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Nina Cataldo

Nina is a professional and recreational writer currently exploring her motherland of Japan. When she's not busy working on her upcoming conversational English book, she can be spotted biking around Tokyo to indulge in delicious food and attempting to snuggle with kitties at cat cafés. She's an odd collector of free brochures from travel counters, always looking for the next exciting destination. Nina often likes to escape the Tokyo city life to go discover new trails on the outbacks of Japan, where she enjoys connecting with locals and wanderers alike.


Matt De Sousa

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I am a freelance filmmaker, writer & photographer based in Tokyo. I moved here to study Japanese language and like many others, fell in love with Japan and decided to stay. In my rare moments of spare time you can find me reading Dragon Ball manga or eating at CoCoIchi Curry.


Mick Murray

A travel writer and wildlife enthusiast currently based in Shikoku, Japan. Having previously lived in New Zealand, I'm especially interested in exploring places with a focus on ecotourism and the natural environment.Highlights of my experience in Japan so far include being mobbed by rabbits on Ōkunoshima, sleeping in a beachside Mongolian yurt on the art island of Naoshima, and countless trips around the many natural wonders of Shikoku.


Lauren Shannon

Long term resident of Japan, from the East coast of the USA. I love art, design, books, writing, food, film and I am a bit addicted to stationary! I love telling and hearing great stories. Everyday can be an adventure if you are open minded and curious.


Rod Walters

Originally from England, I came to live in Ehime in 2001. I’m interested in the history of the seagoing clans, the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. I hope people will visit Setouchi and enjoy exploring this unique area.


Amy Chavez

I first visited Shiraishi Island in the Seto Inland Sea (Setouchi) in 1997. Two weeks later I moved here. Then I bought a sailboat, opened a beach bar, found a cat and settled down. Now we're living happily ever after.


Sakiko Mizoguchi

Having moved to Hiroshima, I'm currently enjoying the mountains and sea while camping in amazing Setouchi. Every month I go to the morning market and Organic Marche to look for good food and ingredients to take camping.


Chiaki Sawasaka

Okayama is beautiful, delicious and fun. And I'm going to tell you about it all.


Anna Yabe

I love walking around by myself and seeing things with my own eyes. This small prefecture is packed with gems I want to share with everyone.


Megumi Yamada

"Kagawa is fantastic!"


Hidetsuna Takahashi

Calm azure seas, majestic mountains and beautiful islands - Setouchi has it all! I'll get on my bike, cycle around and report to you about all the wonderful places I come across.


Akiko Isonaga

As well as working as a teacher, among the things I currently enjoy doing is writing at home, which is just a walk from the World Heritage at Miyajima. One of my joys is going for walks with my 4-year-old son to Miyajima. Our favorite thing is agemomiji.


Noriko Matsumoto

I will introduce everyone to the lesser-known charms of Setouchi.


Yusuke Minami

I hope I will be able to tell everyone about the charm and appeal of the Bingo area!


Shinji Otokura

Peaceful, comfortable, and bright. I hope many people come to love Setouchi like I do.


Kaori Masuda

I came here to Ehime with my family 10-years ago and we live on an island now. During the spring tide we look for hijiki seaweed and oysters at the beach, and in the spring we gather bamboo shoots - very different from city life. It's really lovely out here on the island, and I look forward to telling everyone about all the delightful spots I’ve found in the Setouchi area.


Nana Takei

Warm people, calm seas, tasty fish and a lot more besides... I will share with you the charms of the Seto Inland Sea. :)


Kumiko Tobita

Tokushima is a Wonderland!

Setouchi Area

Setouchi Finder Editorial Dept.

Editorial Dept.


Eri Hatano

I have lived everywhere in the country, but these past 4 years in Setouchi. Since I started living here, I have come to understand the richness of the food and culture here. I wish to tell you about everything here, including the air itself.


Kokohorejapan Inc.

We are an independent company that promotes the beauty of the Setouchi region.


Yumi Kobayashi

I run a guest house in Takamatsu City called 'Kinco.' I will introduce you to the amazing people, places and things of Setouchi.


Hironobu Matsuoka

As free as a bird, I travel around in my camping car, the Solar King, and search for the charms of Setouchi.


Madoka Hori

I will passionately tell everyone about my favorite spots, interesting-looking spots, lifestyles, sense of the seasons, and new discoveries.


Masafumi Fujimoto

Living in Setouchi, I find something new and fascinating almost everyday, but it's not easy capturing all of Setouchi's charm - I spend my days getting hooked on the depth of it.


Futoshi Hineno

I like to join Art festivals hold in different place in Japan by side of being photographer. Or maybe as photographer. I locate myself on different islands on Seto inland sea.


Daisuke Chiba

Beautiful Tokushima. Fun Tokushima. Delicious Tokushima. Interesting Tokushima. Surprising Tokushima. I will bring you the best of Tokushima.


Izumi Furukawa

Living in the city of sake warehouses, Saijyo, my eyes have recently been opened to the delights of nightcaps of sake & sweets.


Dream Network Activity

The design studio I work at has a great ocean view. My art is influenced by the unique things that can only be seen from this place.


Maki Ohashi

I was born and raised right by the Seto Inland Sea, and I will do my best to showcase the unparalleled attractiveness of the Setouchi Region to the World!


Rainbow Sake

Rainbow Sake