Bring On Summer!! Kaidenma Kyōso Boat Race, Ōsakikamijima

At Ōsakikamijima, Hiroshima prefecture,a traditional summer festival that retains traces of earlier naval forces isheld using wooden Japanese boats called ‘Kaidenma’. Races are held at 2locations, Itsukushima Shrine in Kinoe and Sumiyoshi Shrine in Furue. Competingfor speed and skill, 14 oarsmen (Kako), a captain, and a drummer ride the woodenboats…



At the start of the race, there’s a huge big splash to therhythm of drums.

Rowing is astonishing tight with the “Yoisa!” rallying call.I heard I could experience the ride, so I gave it a go. But, just rowing for a fewminutes made my arms and legs hurt…

Laughing, the captain said, “Get used to it, maneuvering aboat is much harder than watching!”




Entertainment continues into the night as fireworksaccompany the boats getting a makeover with lanterns. In sharp contrast todaytime, the waters of the nighttime harbor are calm.

Breathtakingly huge fireworks burst overhead and reflect onthe surface on the water.


[Hiroshima Prefecture]

< Ōsakikamijima >

Higashino Sumiyoshi festival: Thur., August 13


< Takehara city >

Takehara Summer festival & fireworks: Sat., August 30


< Innoshima Island >

Innoshima Suigun festival (Sea festival): Sun., August 31


< Kure city >

Kamiyama shrine annual grand festival: Sat & Sun.,September 20 and 21


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Murohara shrine autumn grand festival: Sat & Sun.,September 20 and 21


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Hidakanosho Hachimangu Autumn festival: Sun. October 19

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