Gourmet Island, Awaji-shima (Awaji-island), Hyōgo Prefecture

Have you ever been to Awaji Island?


Nestled majestically in the east, Awaji Island is the largest of the Seto Inland Sea islands. The island features a myriad of charming points, but let’s talk first about its cuisine.



The most famous locally grown vegetable is the sweet and juicy Awaji onion. Compared with ordinary versions, Awaji onions are more aromatic but have less of that distinctive ‘onion spiciness’. They are really soft and delicious!



And seafood, there is a great variety of outstanding seasonal seafood!



While fresh Sea Bream sashimi and luxurious Dagger-tooth Pike Conger are perfect in spring, Sea Urchin and Abalone are abundant in summer. Succulent Japanese Spiny Lobster is superb in autumn, whereas in winter, Japanese Pufferfish tempt the palate! First time visitors are always surprised at such variety!



The root of the famous Kobe beef, the year-rounder is Awaji beef.



Local cuisine created with the island’s delicious meat, seafood, and vegetables is of course superb!

The “Awaji-shima Onion Beef Burger” served at“Awaji-shima Onion Kitchen” (Uzushio Roadside Station) won 1stprize at the Local burger grand prix at Tottori Burger Festa 2013.


Awaji-shima burger on Facebook



Now, they are looking for anew local burger idea.

If your idea is chosen,you’ll be awarded with an “Awaji-shima burger for life” passport!! That’s gotto be worth holding!

Please enter here if you like cooking ↓

Awaji-shima Onion Kitchen Labo https://awajishima.cocosq.jp/


Just by looking at its cuisine,did you know the island was so attractive?

Of course, Awaji Island also has many leisure spots, but we’ll talk about that later!



Awaji Island Tourism Association on Facebook (Japanese)



Uzushio Roadside station(Japanese)





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