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Cruising the Seto Inland Sea by catamaran – Megi-jima

If you want to experience the Seto Inland Sea, and I recommend you do, why not try a leisurely island hopping adventure on board a catamaran yacht? While gliding across the sea, cool breezes make you forget the city heat…



The best place to ride is on the “net” at the bow of the catamaran. The sea flies by just inches beneath; it feels like you are flying.


I experienced the Sunset Cruise… The sun goes down, the sky and the sea turn orange… With a can of beer in one hand, this is the happiest moment.


There are many types of cruises to choose from, but as the minimum passenger count is 6, please contact the cruise company in advance if your group is small. A reservation is required, but ‘walk-ins’ are welcome if seats are available. Prices vary depending on the tour, so again please contact the company to confirm. (The average cost is about 4000 yen per person.)


[Tour Menu]

* Let’s gaze at Seto Ōhashi (The Great Seto Bridge) from the bottom up (Every Thursday)

* Relaxing teatime at Ogi-jima (Every Friday)

* Check out the rare Elephant rock on Muguchi-jima (August 20th, 27th)

* Swim, play – Let’s go wild on a deserted island (August 12th, 26th)

* Healing sunset cruise (weekdays starting at 5:30, about 2-hours)



Foucault (Japanese): http://www.foucault.co.jp/

Tel 087-802-2284



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