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Art & Sunset Island : Ogijima (Kagawa Prefecture)


With its sloping roads, narrow lanes and stone steps, a leisurely walk around Ogijima Island reveals its charms. The more you walk the more you understand its appeal, but choosing which direction to leave the harbor seems to alter one’s memory of Ogijima a little…



For instance, if you want to go to Toyotama hime Shrine, which the locals call “Tama-hime san” and is the best viewing spot on the island, take the big ‘torii’ gate in front of the harbor.



To the granite lighthouse, which has been used as a movie location, go north from the big ‘torii’ gate.


Take in views of the sea and fields during the 30-minute stroll from the harbor.


To get to Kamo Shrine, famous for the tale of Umi hiko and Yama hiko and the scene of a fishing village, walk south from the harbor. The shrine awaits you at the end of a narrow lane through Ogi Elementary/middle School.




When strolling around Ogijima, you might run across mothers pushing colorful “Onba” baby buggies. Actually, these buggies are works of art created by an Artist’s collective called ONBA FACTORY who take part in the Setouchi Art Festival held every 3 years.

An “Onba”is a must-have item for every Ogijima lady. Originally simply a cart with which to haul produce, etc. around the island’s many slopes and narrow lanes, “Onba” have been transformed into unique pieces of ‘working art’ that perfectly fit Ogijima Island life!




Toyotama hime shrine, Ogijima lighthouse, Kamo shrine, and the local people…

Take the last ferry from the island with tons of good memories, and please be sure to stop by Ogijima again. On autumn evenings, soft sunset colors light the island as if saying, “you’re always welcome’.



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