Summer Night Illuminations: Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter


The daytime hustle and bustle of Kurashiki with its array of traditional white-walled buildings is always fun to experience, but in summer when the town is lit-up in the evening, it’s worth visiting to soak-up the romantic atmosphere.


Everyday from sunset until 22:00, the area around Kurashiki River including the Ōhara Museum of Art and retro-looking western buildings are lit-up.


Walking leisurely in the evening breeze while looking at the silhouette of willow trees shimmering on the surface of Kurashiki River, time continues to flow on pleasantly…




Browsing shops, wondering around, and making many small discoveries around the town.



I saw a lady who owns a store sprinkling water… Her white kimono looks so cool.

The atmosphere and feeling of old Japan is still quite evident in this town…



And I met a mother and daughter walking with a lantern that they said they borrowed from an inn. What a pleasant gesture!



It’s already time for bed.


There are lots of things I could tell you about, but… please experience them for yourself.

Just before I left, I bought some of Kurashiki’s famous specialty snacks called “Mura Suzume”. Offered in many flavors including plain Azuki bean paste, Okayama’s white peach, and Muscat grape, they make perfect souvenirs. (From ¥160/ea.)


Strolling along on a summer night. Kurashiki is a good place for adults to visit – I’d love to visit again.


Kurashiki Bikan historical quarter light-up  


Evening events to be enjoyed along with the lit up buildings, etc.:


Ōhara Museum of Art evening tour

Date: 9/13 (Sat), 14 (Sun),10/11 (Sat)

Time: Meet at 17:00, tour 17:15~18:45(Prior booking necessary)

Place: ŌharaMuseum of Art (TEL 086-422-0005)

Price: ¥2000 (for adults, main gallery only)



Bikan historical quarter guided tour

Date: 9/13 (Sat), 20 (Sat),27 (Sat)

Time: 18:30~19:30

Place: Kurashiki Tourism Rest Station (TEL 086-425-6039)

Price:¥500 (Prior booking necessary, up to 15 people)




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