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A visit to the Setouchi Store in Tokyo : Kagawa/ Ehime Setouchi Shun-sai kan

Enjoying Setouchi in Tokyo!

I recently visited “Kagawa/ Ehime Setouchi Shun-sai kan”, an establishment jointly sponsored by the prefectures of Kagawa and Ehime. Situated in a great location only a one-minute walk from Shinbashi station, local specialties from both prefectures are on offer, along with an information corner that provides details on restaurants and the Setouchi area in general.


While the 2nd floor houses a restaurant and the tourism exchange corner, the local specialty shop is on the ground floor.

Let’s check it out! For me, the most attractive feature is the abundance of delicious local Setouchi foods! For people from the Setouchi area, it’s a great place to source the flavors of home. For the rest of us, there is much to experience!


Introducing a wide array of specialties from both prefectures, the shop is divided into the Kagawa section and the Ehime section.

By the way, what springs to mind when you think of Kagawa and Ehime?

Kagawa is famous as being the “Udon prefecture”! Though there are a growing number of restaurants where you try real Sanuki Udon, there are many kinds of noodles that people from outside the prefecture are less familiar with; from extra-thick to somewhat thin, some fresh, some dried, but each with its own unique body and flavor.


This shelf, it is all Udon. There are over 700 kinds on display! Everyone has their favorite. Some people even buy in bulk!

The store clerk who constantly stocks the rapidly depleting shelves also has a favorite noodle type.

It’s fun to ask for recommendations, then eat and compare…Ehime, of course, is famous for its mouthwatering Mandarin Oranges!


From scrumptious-looking oranges to seasonal vegetables, the local produce section has a wide range of items.

The benefits of vast mandarin orange groves go way beyond just the fruit…


Pure Honey from Mandarin Orange Flowers!

Pure, domestically produced honey is a valuable asset now. Characterized by its citrusy sweet and sour aroma, and elegant fruity flavor, this delicious honey is harvested from the hives of bees that feast on mandarin orange flowers. The design of the honey jar lid brings a sense of nostalgia, of bygone days …

The Alcohol Section: A Full Lineup!


It is quite a rare for an “antenna shop” to have such a wide variety of beverages on offer.

Great as gifts due to their chic designs, there are many bottles of local Sake and fruit liqueur to choose from.

“I’d like to buy some, but I can’t choose from among so many kinds!” If you have the same problem, it might be advisable to do a little ‘tasting’ at the restaurant on the 2nd floor before making a selection!

Other products such as broths, several types of soy sauce, and fruit juice are also available.

There are always customers wandering around the store…

“Haven’t seen this for years! This is my mum’s favorite!” Such lovely comments are not unusual in this fine establishment.

Taking the stairs to the 2nd floor brings you to “Kaorihime”, a restaurant where you can enjoy Setouchi cuisine. But that is for next time…


The store also holds various interesting events during the course of the year. On the day of the interview, it was crowded as many people showed up for an Udon kneading trial.

Check out what’s going on and drop by for a few hours fun!

Kagawa/Ehime Setouchi Shunsai kan

Address: Shinbashi Marin Building 2-19-10, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3574-7792

HP (Japanese): http://www.setouchi-shunsaikan.com/contents/index.html

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