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Freshly fried “Jako-ten”, the taste of fishermen’s town, Ehime

Enjoy Setouchi flavors in Tokyo!

From 9/1 (Mon) to 9/7 (Sun), a demonstration sale of handmade Jako-ten, a specialty dish from Yawatahama, Ehime prefecture, is being held at “Setouchi Shunsai Kan” in Shinbashi.

Enjoyed since the Edo era (1603~1867), Jako-ten is a local specialty food from Ehime prefecture (Uwajima, Yawatahama) that is made by grinding small fish (Jako) including the bones and deep-frying the resultant paste.

Demonstrating the art of making Jako-ten, Mr. Yasutaka Torizu, the 2nd generation proprietor of a famous shop popular with locals called Torizu Kamaboko, is currently at Setouchi Shunsai Kan. In order to introduce Jako-ten and Setouchi food culture generally, Mr. Torizu travels the length and breadth of Japan as well as overseas.

This is the famous Jako-ten.

Popular with visitors as a souvenir choice, it looks fresh-from-the-fryer and delicious …

At the store in Ehime, local customers line-up to buy Jako-ten as it’s about to come out of the fryer.

Next to the mouth-watering sea bream fish cakes, there’s something quite unique!


This is Tachiuo maki (grilled largehead hairtail fillets wrapped around bamboo sticks).

Clockwise from the front: Jako-ten, green onion and ginger stick, lotus root stick, and crab flavored onion stick. Fresh from the fryer, it is of course delicious as is, but eaten with grated daikon radish and a little citrus like Kabosu or Sudachi squeezed over adds something extra…

Reheat Tachiuo maki in a microwave and take a big bite!

The meat easily comes off the bamboo with a gentle push of the fingers.

With its myriad of fresh fish, these are the flavors of “fishermen’s town”.

Drop by for a chance to taste this well-known store’s freshly prepared goodies (until Sept. 7)!

Many other interesting events are held at “Setouchi Shunsai kan” on a regular basis. The next Ehime event is from 9/15/2014 (Mon) to 9/21 (Sun). The “Saijo city fair” will be a presentation of seasonal produce grown in a lush natural environment fed by spring water from Mt. Ishizuchi, the tallest mountain in western Japan, as well as seaweed from the Seto Inland Sea, etc.

The “Niihama city brand fair”, which showcases a wide variety of foods such as sweets and seafood under the “fresh tasty goodness of countryside and ocean, and great skill” slogan, is set to be held between 9/29 (Mon) and 10/5 (Sun).

If you are in Tokyo and interested in Setouchi, please check it out!

andmade Jako-ten demonstration sale

Date: 9/1/2014 (Mon) – 9/7 (Sun)

Place: Kagawa/Ehime Setouchi Shunsai kan

Address: Shinbashi Marin Building, 2-19-10 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-3574-7792

HP (Japanese): http://www.setouchi-shunsaikan.com/contents/index.html 

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