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Ehime Soul Food : Cheap, Tasty, & Fast : “Imabari Yakibuta Tamago Meshi”

A Setouchi in Tokyo special…
Endorsed by Setouchi Shunsai kan, the Ehime/Kagawa specialty store, this is an absolute gem!
Let me introduce “Imabari Yakibuta Tamago Meshi”, the soul food of Imabari.
First of all, its history…
Originally created about 40 years ago as a quick meal for staff at an Imabari restaurant called “Gobankaku”, because it was delicious, cheap, fast, and filling, it eventually became a very popular menu item. Though the original restaurant is long gone, there are dozens of establishments that serve this dish now. 
It’s really easy to prepare:
Simply place Yakibuta strips (grilled pork) on steaming hot rice, put 2 sunny-side ups on top of that, pour sweet-and-sour sauce over the whole thing, mix well and eat.
Actually, I made one myself! 
1. Prepare the ingredients. (Steaming hot rice, yakibuta (grilled pork), 2 eggs, and Yakibuta Tamago Meshi Sauce.)
2. Put the pork on the rice, drizzle the sauce.
3. Fry 2 sunny-side ups and put them on top. (Rule: Must have runny yolks!)
4. Add another generous helping of sauce. Sprinkle some julienne green onions, if you like.
Done! Way too easy… .
There are also a couple of rules that must be observed when eating Yakibuta Tamago Meshi:
1. Use a Chinese spoon. (It’s a little hard to eat with one of these, but rules are rules!)
2. Separate the sunny-side ups. 
3. Mix one side well, and shovel it into your mouth.
The runny yolk mixed with the sweet-and -sour sauce coat the pork and rice… mmmmm!!!
4. Mix the other side well, and eat. (I poured more sauce because it was so good…)
So, why can’t you mix everything in one go? No, no, don’t even think about it! Part of the secret to its deliciousness is in following the rules! Similar to that used for Yakitori, the secret to the flavor is in the sauce! It is super good with egg yolk… Instead of the usual soy sauce, it’s got to be good with Tamago kake Gohan too (raw egg over rice)!

We can all enjoy Ehime’s delicious soul food even if we live in Tokyo! It’s really good. Please try it.
(Imabari Yakibuta Tamago Meshi sauce is on sale at Setouchi Shunsai kan.)
From: Kagawa/Ehime Setouchi Shunsai kan
Address: 1&2 floor Shinbashi Marin Building 2-19-10, Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3574-7792


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