Ehime Imabari City

Nostalgia Island : Okamura Island (Imabari City, Ehime)

A faded “Cigarette” sign…
There is an island that abounds with such familiar reminders of the past.
Located in Ehime prefecture and accessible by ship from either Imabari port or Ōmi Island, Okamura Island is roughly 3 km2 and has a population of about 400 people.
As you disembark at the port, the island village is right in front you.
While stores stand out, including some that seem to have been shuttered-up for eons, houses stand huddled together… A barbershop, a stationery store (closed), a public bathhouse (closed)…
Arousing feelings of nostalgia, strolling along the narrow winding paths and looking at the buildings, the town appears frozen in a bygone era…
Continuing on brings you to a large shrine, and also an observation deck with a panoramic view of the island blowing in the breeze… Simply rambling the island is a most agreeable way to spend a few hours…
By the way, as it’s also possible to get to the island from Hiroshima prefecture through “Tobishima Kaidō” and crossing the bridge, the number of cyclists is increasing. Cycling along catching glimpses of the calm sea out the corner of your eye must feel great!
Okamura Island’s “Maruseki Cafe”, which was opened by the joint efforts of 2 local volunteer community building project teams, serves the best egg flan! There’s a surprise to be found in every slice! And of course, you’ll definitely love its yumminess.
Maruseki Cafe (Japanese) http://marusekicafe.com/

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