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Genuine, Fluffy Akashi-yaki at Home?

When you think of Akashi City (Hyogo prefecture) specialties, the first thing that comes to mind is “Akashi-yaki” (also known as “Tamago-yaki”).

Though it looks like Tako-yaki, it’s softer and eaten with a broth instead of sauce.

It is said that the famous Ōsaka Tako-yaki has its roots in Akashi-yaki.

Octopi from Akashi are so delicious because of the strong tides of the Akashi strait. To avoid being swept away an octopus has to be super-muscular. Perhaps another reason Akashi octopi are so delicious is that they eat a lot of fresh crab! When in Akashi, you really have to eat Akashi-yaki. But, wouldn’t it be lovely to eat it at home? 

I bought this product at the Hyogo Antenna shop in Tokyo. (“Akashidama” from Aji no Takumi Akashi Tomiaji.) Don’t be disappointed because it’s frozen!

Each one is carefully grilled by hand and then flash frozen. (Comes with broth, of course.)

Just follow the instructions and heat in a microwave.

It’s really easy, and really delicious!!!!

The Akashi Tomiaji shop won the top prize at the Akashi-yaki festival.

This is a “Five Star Hyogo*” certified product.

*Five Star Hyogo: A specialty product promotion business set up to spread the appeal of Hyogo’s unique and innovative products each of which was founded in the rich nature, culture and history of five ancient Hyogo provinces (Settu, Harima, Tajima, Tamba, Awaji).

Fluffyness that melts in your mouth… So soft it’s hard to pick up with chopsticks!

Real Akashi-yaki at home! Please try it.


From: Hyogo Waku waku kan

Address: B1F Tokyo Kotsukaikan 2-10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-6273-4133

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyogowakuwaku

Website (Japanese): http://www.hyogowakuwaku.com/

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