Shikoku’s most easterly point & the start of the Seto Inland Sea : Cape Kamoda Misaki (Anan City, Tokushima)

Cape Kamoda Misaki is located at the most easterly point of Shikoku.

From the front of the lighthouse that stands on the cliff at the tip of the cape, the view of Ishima Island ‘floating on the ocean’ is superb.


According to the “Territorial Waters Act”, Cape Kamoda Misaki is one of the starting points of the mass of water that makes up the Seto Inland Sea.


As per the map below, the line drawn between Kamoda Misaki lighthouse in Tokushima and Hinomisaki lighthouse in Wakayama denotes the edge of the sea.

In other words, it is the starting point of the Seto Inland Sea!


Let’s take a stroll around Cape Kamoda Misaki ! From parking area, there is well-maintained promenade that continues to the edge of the cape.


The white lighthouse stands on the hill, while Ishima Island floats majestically on the sea…

By the way, Ishima Island (the most easterly point of Shikoku) is located on the dividing line between the Seto Inland Sea (on the north (left) side) and the Pacific Ocean (on the south (right) side).

As we get near the tip of the cape, a slightly steep stairway indicates the way up to the lighthouse on the cliff… Let’s go!

Finally arriving at the lighthouse, there are several benches strategically placed within the fenced off area.

From here, there’s a dynamic view overlooking the sea.

This is the view from the south side of the cape. As the somewhat staggeringly beautiful cliff continues, the promenade also continues…


This is the Pacific Ocean!

Walking a little further along the promenade and looking back, you can see the steep cliff that is the cape’s edge as well as Ishima Island.

By the way, the image below is of “Hinomisaki lighthouse”, the starting point of the Inland Sea from the Wakayama side. Compared with Kamoda Misaki lighthouse, it’s quite big

Hinomisaki is well known as the place where cherry blossoms bloom the earliest in the Kinki area.


Though not visible in this image due to the spring haze and the backlight, Shikoku can be seen on clear days.

Cape Kamoda Misaki is a superb spot to enjoy the staggering beauty of the cliffs and the ocean views…


Would you like to visit the place where the Seto Inland Sea begins?


Address: 1 Kamoda, Tsubaki-chō, Anan-shi

Website (Japanese):


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka

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