Gallery Tea House Kokemushiro: Be Healed by the Delicious Air & the Forest Floor Covered in Moss.

In Seiyo, Ehime prefecture, there is a place that gives some healing to all those who visit. The name of that place is Gallery Tea House Kokemushiro.

Right at the entrance, this view with moss spreading out in all directions just takes your heart away.

After years of patient maintenance, such as planting moss daily and giving it water, Kokemushiro gives healing back to all who visit.

Cultivated by the father of Mr. Murakami, the owner, the area used to be a terraced rice field. After taking over the field, it took him 5 years to create this environment.

If you take a walk along the trail within the grounds, along the way there are stepping stones, dead ends and slippery areas, so take your time and enjoy the moss, but please be sure not to step on it!

After enjoying the mossy terraced field to your heart’s content, it’s also fun to try out the teahouse.

Coffee made with delicious water drawn from 50m underground… Moss manjuu (steamed bun) made by a local grandma… Chiffon cake made with rice grown in the local Uwa town area…

Seen from indoors, the mossy scenes look like beautiful paintings hung on the walls.

On a good day you can also enjoy your tea on the wooden deck while soaking up the scenery.

Kokemushiro is the perfect place to enjoy the seasons. In spring you can enjoy the cozy sunshine, in summer there is a light cooling breeze and for some reason almost no mosquitos at all, and during autumn and winter it’s a wonderful place with cold clear air.

According to the owner, the moss is the most beautiful after it rains and sunlight streams in between the trees. When the moss is damp rain or dew, it appears to shine.

How about heading over to Kokemushiro to heal your mind and soul at the holy ground of moss??


Gallery Tea House Kokemushiro
Location: 2099 Nobusato, Uwa-cho, Seiyo city, Ehime prefecture
Tel: 0894-66-0857
Open: 11:00 – 17:00
Closed: Mondays (open on Monday if it’s a national holiday) *January thru March open only on weekends
Parking: Free (20 vehicles)
*Due to the nature of the moss, the shop asks customers not to bring elementary school children or younger with them.

by  Futoshi Hineno

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