VIP Cruises in the Seto Inland Sea

If you’re looking a special thing to do while in west Japan, look no further – Foucault offers customized, chartered cruises on their elegant catamaran yacht. The cruises run out of Takamatsu City in Kagawa Prefecture. You can book the boat for already-set cruise plans or make your own itinerary.


We opted for the Sunset cruise, a cruise that left about an hour before dusk. After loading everyone into the yacht and donning life vests, Mr. Nakayama, our captain, headed north out of Takamatsu Marina and into the inky Seto Inland Sea.

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On the way out of the bay, the younger members of our group were invited by the owner, Ms. Horio, to make their way to the front of the boat. We were about to lie on the netting suspended above the water. The netting spans the two hulls and acts as a very stable hammock. This position affords the best views of the sea and is the best place to be for anyone who might feel a little seasick.


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Meanwhile, in the back of the boat, the rest of our group enjoyed noshing out on the feast that we’d brought onboard. Foucault allows guests to bring their own snacks and food to the cruises; if you want a truly VIP experience, you can request catering, in which case Ms. Horio will make sure that you are well taken care of.

160322 (189)We could see the city of Takamatsu sparkling behind us and several islands of the Seto Inland Sea silhouetted in front of us. After about an hour of cruising out into the sea, the sun started to set. While Captain Nakayama stopped the boat and let it drift, we headed to the netting at the front of the boat to enjoy a quiet, peaceful sunset.160322 (195)

160322 (208)The sun set behind the islands to the west, which provided a perfect photo opportunity.


After the sun sank beyond the horizon, Captain Nakayama turned the boat around and headed back to port. We arrived back at Takamatsu Marina in a serene and peaceful state of mind.

In addition to the very popular Sunset Cruise, they offer half-day and full-day cruises, as well as cruises that will take you to islands to see contemporary art that is part of the Setouchi Triennale – an international art festival featuring contemporary art by artists from 27 countries on 12 islands and 2 ports in the Seto Inland Sea. The festival is spread over 105 days in spring, summer, and winter to allow visitors to enjoy seasonal changes on the islands.

Foucault is unable to offer trips to all of the islands due to distance; however, they can take you to some of the main islands such as Shodoshima, Naoshima, and Teshima, as well as to some of the islands that are otherwise difficult to reach like Ogijima and Megijima.

Don’t visit the Seto Inland Sea region without booking a cruise. I guarantee that this will be the highlight of your visit!



  • Maximum number of persons per tour: 16
  • Minimum number of persons per tour: varies per tour, please consult home page.
  • All guests will be required to purchase accident insurance for a minimal cost.
  • No smoking is allowed onboard.
  • Intoxicated guests will not be allowed onboard.
  • For safety reasons, no glass will be allowed on board. All kitchenware must be plastic or other non-breakable materials (i.e., paper, woven baskets, etc.).
  • Guests are encouraged to dress appropriately; please wear sports shoes with a non-slip traction.



Address: Takamatsu Marina, Kagawa Prefecture, Takamatsu City, Hama-no-cho 68-17

Open Hours:11:00~18:00 (for contacting by phone)

Holidays:Saturdays & Sundays (for contacting by phone)


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