“Tecchan”, a “Miharayaki” eatery loved by locals : Mihara City (Hiroshima)

Giblets in Okonomiyaki?!


Surprisingly, this is a popular dish in Mihara City, a historic town located near the center of Hiroshima prefecture. Once you’re familiar with this dish, you’ll be an expert on Hiroshima!


Crunchy, fluffy…


Gizzard, liver, Tamahimi (under-developed chicken eggs), etc… There are so many textures contained within each “Miharayaki” treasure box, the Mihara version of Okonomiyaki.



About a 70-minute train ride from Hiroshima station (30 minutes by bullet train), Mihara City was once a castle town ruled by Kobayakawa Takakage, the 3rd son of Mōri Motonari.


I visited Mihara City and ate Miharayaki at “Tecchan”, an eatery very popular with locals.


“Though chicken meat production flourished for eons, giblets went to waste most of the time. Finding a way to make use of them was the origin of Miharayaki,” said Mr. Imai, the shop owner (on the right in the photo).



Indeed, the popular menu item “Modern Yakisoba Motsu Dama” contains plenty of giblets.



“Tecchan” has a professional company blend the many different kinds of giblets it uses in its Miharayaki…


Having eaten it, I really understand! Helping make the taste of Miharayaki unforgettable, the texture of the gizzard and liver flavor is particularly noticeable.


They said a British person who was so impressed with the flavor became an apprentice!

Maybe “Tecchan UK” will open someday!


Along with giblets, Mihara’s brown sauce is also an essential ingredient. A famous local brewing company makes “Tecchan Sauce”. A little spicier than both Otafuku sauce and Carp sauce, it goes very well with giblets – a combination that definitely encourages you to drink more beer!



The number of cyclists visiting historic Mihara City has been increasing lately. They go to the islands and/or Shimanami Expressway from Mihara port. Before taking a walk or going for a bike ride, why don’t you refuel with “Miharayaki”?



As with “Miharayaki”, there are many other “local okonomiyaki” recipes around the Hiroshima area that are yet to be discovered by the rest of the country!


*We are going to write about them later in series.


Okonomiyaki Tecchan Honten


Address : 1-5-25 Shiromachi, Mihara-shi, Hiroshima

Open : 11:00 – 20:30

Closed : Thursdays and the 3rd Wednesday of the month

TEL : 0848-63-9073

Website (Japanese) : http://www1.megaegg.ne.jp/~tecchan/tooldeegg/shop/ 

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