Enjoying Ondo-no-seto, the ferry, and strolling around Ondo Town : Ondo (Kure City, Hiroshima)

The enormously challenging task of excavating the Ondo-no-seto Strait (due to the rapid tide) was carried out on the orders of Shogun Taira no Kiyomori.


This is the location of “Himaneki Densetsu” (the legend of calling back the sun). The story goes that, in order to finish the excavation work, with a wave of his folding fan Taira no Kiyomori called back the sun as it was about to set!


Connecting island and mainland, the Ondo-no-seto strait is now spanned by two beautiful arched bridges.



The ancient narrow Ondo road is one step from the coast road…

It has Japanese style houses, shops, a Sake brewery, and a public bath – a nostalgic setting akin to traveling back in time!



The shortest regular ferry service in Japan, the “Ondo Tosen” crosses the Ondo-no-seto strait to connect Ondo and Kegoya on the opposite shore. There’s no timetable – you can ride the ferry even if you’re the only passenger.



Located in a former kimono fabric store that ran for 130 years, “Tenjin’an” is a cafe & gallery shop on an old road near Ondo Ōhashi.



Café Shunpu, located inside Tenjin’an, serves delicious lunches created using local produce. As each carefully homemade lunch set includes a myriad of small portions each with a different flavor, the Café is particularly popular among women.



Desserts are also made using local produce.

Today’s dessert, served with sparkling mint tea, is fig tart made with locally grown figs.

(Menu items change according to seasonally available ingredients.)



“If you walk, it’s much more fun.”

Look at the sea and take a break in the middle of strolling around town!

I bet you can get good information at Tenjin’an!




Address: 1-2-2 Hikiji, Ondo-chō, Kure-shi, Hiroshima

TEL: 0823-52-2228

Open: 10:30 – 18:00

Closed: Thursdays

Parking: Available

Website: http://tenjinan.jp/

*Due to limited quantities, making a lunch reservation is recommended.


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Bridge (Ayanori & Youko Okamoto)



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