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A 360° view of the Seto Inland Sea : Shironoyama (Awashima)

Awashima (Kagawa prefecture) is one of the Seto Inland Sea islands.


The photo below was taken at “Shironoyama”, a great spot to enjoy a dynamic, indeed panoramic, 360° view of the Seto Inland Sea.


Let me introduce Awashima Island and the odd little charms I came across on my way to Shironoyama!



Awashima Island is about a 15-minute ferry ride from Suda port in Mitoyo City, Kagawa.



It used to be 3 separate islands, but as time went by, they became connected by a sand bar to form a single screw-shaped island.


Riding a bicycle (slowly), you can circumnavigate the 16km perimeter of the island in 2-hours!



There’s a bicycle rental shop 3 min. walk from the port.


The manager’s name is Ms. Shimako Ōguchi (Ms. Islet Bigmouth) – Customers simply ‘post’ the rental fee in Ms. Shimako’s mouth! In other words, this is a self-service bicycle rental establishment. Such a laid-back attitude is very island-like, don’t you think?



Going by the name of “Takeuchi”, there is only ONE convenience store on the island.

On the store truck, I discovered a picture of Awashima created using colorful masking tape!

I asked Takeuchi-san, the owner of the store, why! He said that it’s because he loves the island very much.


After he said that, I remembered noticing handmade signs and monuments here and there on the way to the store – I felt that the people of Awashima really love their island.



Well, I’m going to go to the top of the mountain and experience the magnificent view.


Traveling up the (slightly) steep slope, it takes about 30-minutes to get to the peak.


Though some parts of the mountain path are maintained, some are not – you need shoes that are easy to walk in!





Arriving at the peak!



Standing on the observation deck, there really is a fabulous 360 ° view of the blue Seto Inland Sea.

The aroma of the surrounding trees, the fragrance of the sea, and the sound of the wind… these immediately take any exhaustion from the climb away.


Going down the mountain, if you still have strength to look around, there are other interesting spots.


For instance, Japan’s first National School for Training Seamen (Japanese: http://www.kw-ja.or.jp/sanukiisan/2011_07/), the post office that accepts letters without addresses (Japanese: http://missing-post-office.com/about/), etc.


It’s a small island, but there are many attractive places.


Please, please visit Awashima and discover its myriad of lovely little charms!



Ms. Shimako is waiting for you, too!


About Awashima (Japanese): http://www.mitoyo-kanko.com/?p=1452


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Miki Seitarō

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