“Bouze no Sugata-zushi” an autumn delicacy in Tokushima City, Tokushima

Well, to dive straight in, are you familiar with a fish called “Bouze”?

If you don’t have any connection to Tokushima Prefecture, it probably won’t ring a bell…


It looks like this.



Though more generally known as the “Japanese Butterfish”, it’s called “Bouze” in the local Tokushima dialect.


A seasonal (autumn) delicacy, “Bouze” is delicious when boiled or grilled, or eaten as sashimi or tempura. In Tokushima, however, it is traditional to soak the fish in vinegar and make “Sugata sushi”.


In Tokushima, where the primary sector of industry prospers, Bouze sushi has been served since ancient times at events such as the autumn harvest festival. Even today it’s a popular autumn dish at seafood restaurants in Tokushima.


Today, I’m going to explain how to create this Tokushima delicacy the local way!


First, clean the inside of the fish (remove the eyeballs too) and rinse thoroughly.


Then, cut open through the belly side or the dorsal fin side.



Rinse, sprinkle with salt and leave it for 15 – 30 minutes. (This removes excess moisture from the flesh and condenses the flavor.)



Rinse off the salt, remove the moisture, and soak in vinegar for about 20 minutes.


Now, the most important part: Add Sudachi or Yuzu citrus to bring out/ consolidate the flavor!



Finally, stuff with plenty of vinegared rice!!




Garnish and serve with Sudachi citrus (the Tokushima way)!

Bouze no Sugata-zushi’s elegant flavor goes great with Sake!

I recommend Junmai-shu (either cold or warm)!



“Bouze no Sugatazushi”: The autumn flavor of Tokushima.

I really want people from outside the prefecture to try it!


Thanks to:


Umaimon-dokoro Konoha


Address: 2-17 Tomidamachi, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima

TEL: 088-622-8688

Open: 12:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 24:00

Closed: Irregularly

Price: From 500 yen (depends on the fish market price. Please call to check before coming.)

Parking: Available

Website (Japanese): http://tabelog.com/tokushima/A3601/A360101/36004688/


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Daisuke Chiba



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Daisuke Chiba

Daisuke Chiba

Daisuke Chiba / Photo-writer I was born in 1985 in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, and now live in Tokushima City. After graduating university, I worked at a publishing company as an editor for various mooks, and in April 2014 I went freelance. I work as a photographer, copy-writer and editor, but also do product development and other stuff as well. If anyone needs me, I can do anything! Except, in spite of my being from Tokushima, dancing - I’m really bad at dancing Awa Odori!


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