Autumn on art island – “ART BASE Momoshima”: Onomichi City (Hiroshima)

Sandy national flags destroyed by ants! This makes me wonder what borders between countries mean!


(“Eurasia” by Yanagi Yukinori)



A beautiful floor mirror?? Actually, it’s a pool filled with waste oil.


(“Oil Pool” by Haraguchi Noriyuki)



Ultraman ‘clones’ raise both hands to form the Japanese flag! Three quarters are not real – just mirror reflections!


(“Banzai Corner” by Yanagi Yukinori)



These startling art exhibits form part of a special exhibition called “Jūjiro -CROSSROAD” which is being held at “ART BASE Momoshima” between September 13 and October 26, 2014.


Mr. Yanagi Yukinori, the person who set up and opened “ART BASE Momoshima” on Momoshima Island in the autumn of 2012, was the first Japanese national to exhibit his work at “Venice Biennale” Aperto section, an international exhibition (in 1993).


While searching for a workspace for young artists, Mr. Yanagi came across a disused school on Momoshima Island and remodeled it into a “secret base”!



At the ongoing exhibition, you can view many thought provoking pieces by great modern artists that include Mr. Yanagi, Haraguchi Noriyuki, Ishiuchi Miyako, and Bruce Conner. Though their ‘society-orientated’ artwork encourages viewers to look at countries in unconventional ways and consider various environments, here, on this quiet island where the only sound you hear is that of waves, such artwork can be taken less seriously.


The gallery cafe serves lunches made using locally sourced ingredients…


Sometimes providing vegetables and helping with their work, local people regularly interact with and support the artists and staff!



At one time, when close to 3,000 people lived on Momoshima, fruits and vegetables were grown all over the island. Although the population is declining, and only about 530 people are left, Mr. Yanagi and 7 others moved here.


In August this year, they played a central role in restoring the summer festival for the first time in 30 years.


Undertaking art activities at a deserted school and an empty house, while at the same time working to revitalize the island: These are important aspects for protecting the “secret base” and sharing Momoshima art with the world.


As autumn is the best season for art, and new art is regularly created on this small island, why don’t you visit?



ART BASE Momoshima:


Address: 1440 Momoshima-chō, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima

Open hours: Please contact below

Access: 30~40 minutes by high-speed boat or ferry from Onomichi port to Fukuda port (Momoshima)

TEL: 0848-73-5105

Website (English):



Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Izumi Furukawa



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