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Kaze no Kuguru: A Guesthouse for Pilgrims Where both Light & Wind Gathers!

Filled with windows of various sizes, guesthouse Kaze no Kuguru is located about midway along the 88 temple Shikoku pilgrimage route between Sentsu-ji Temple (75) and Konzo-ji Temple (76).

The abundance of windows (54 in total) was apparently planned to make it a place for “plenty of light and wind to gather”, which means a place where plenty of pilgrims, motorcyclists, cyclists, backpackers, families and travel loving people gather.

Right after you enter the building, you’re faced with this large blackboard and a sofa.

If you take a closer look, you can see it’s filled with messages from guests who include not only pilgrims, but also students traveling on seasonal discount tickets as well as families.

A symbolic spot for the guesthouse, guests often take commemorative photographs in front of the blackboard, and sometimes with the owner.

The1st floor is equipped with a counter kitchen that guests can use freely – a nice meeting spot. It sounds like a fun idea to cook together after buying local ingredients from the nearby supermarket.

I head to the 2nd floor where the guest rooms are located.

I take a look at the nameplate on one of the rooms: Kake (small)? Is this a menu for udon noodles…? Believe it or not, the rooms are named after Sanuki udon noodle dishes! Other room names include unique choices such as Kake (large) and Kamatama, which refers to noodles topped with a raw egg, broth, soy sauce and other condiments.

The rooms are modern and clean – they look really cozy. To answer the various needs of guests, room types include a dormitory, which is the best friend of people traveling alone, as well as private rooms big enough even for families or groups.

As people on the pilgrimage may walk 20-30 km per day, the guesthouse offers a full variety of services with bathtubs to take away the fatigue, and washing machines available for use free of charge.

On a leap year, such as 2016, it is said that if you start your pilgrimage in reverse order from Temple 88 in Kagawa and travel Shikoku anti-clockwise (to the left) and arrive at Temple 1 in Tokushima last, you will receive three times the blessings of your pilgrimage!

How about taking this opportunity and staying at the guesthouse with some pilgrims?


Guest House Pilgrim Inn Kaze no Kuguru
Location: 306-1 Kamiyoshida-cho, Zentsuji city, Kagawa prefecture
Tel: 0877-63-6110
Accommodation fees: Starting at JPY2900 (per person, not including meals)
http://kuguru.net/index.html (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi

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