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Delicious Home Cooking, Snacks & Coffee. Relax on the Terrace with your Dog!

In the middle of Kagawa’s tranquil rural landscape on the bank of a pond stands a house. If you open the door, the air is filled with a delicious aroma, and you can hear the cozy, rhythmic sound of a kitchen knife chopping…

As well as carefully brewed coffee, this homely restaurant serves meals and snacks that are gentle on the body.

Each dish is made with time and effort. Among other dishes that probably resemble the ones you eat at home, the menu is filled with seasonal ingredients as well as fermented items. This delicious homemade-style food has become hugely popular among locals.

Actually, the owner of the shop is a virtuoso who supported Takamatsu’s once popular pasta restaurant, Tomato, for 30 years.

Not only the pasta sauce, but also the salad dressings, etc. are all handmade just like during the ‘Tomato’ years. Anyone who would once again like to eat the pasta they once ate at Tomato, do drop by for a visit. 🙂

Afternoon teas and other snacks such as this chiffon cake are also, of course, homemade and served in hearty portions.

The above photo is of the mild-flavored fruit soda created from homemade fruit syrup. I also recommend the ume squash, which is created from homemade umeni (made by simmering green ume plums for 3 days).

While dogs are also most welcome and can use the terrace seats, right next to the restaurant there is a pet trimming salon run by the daughter of the family. I recommend having a cup of tea at the restaurant while your dog is being groomed.

The cozy ambience of the establishment feels very homely. Do come by and relax while enjoying the surrounding natural environment. 


Daily changing menus and daily snacks with coffee at Tonton

Location/ 2381-7 Ono, Kagawa-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture

Open: 11.00-18:00
Closed: Wednesdays
Tel: 087-885-3451

Setouchi Finder Photo-writers:
Text: Tomoko Kawai (Dream Network Activity)
Photographs: Takabumi Yanagisawa (Dream Network Activity)

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