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After Udon Noodles and Honetsukidori, Is Anmochi Zoni the 3rd Best Local Gourmet Dish?

When talking about Kagawa’s local gourmet dishes, the first ones that probably come to mind are Sanuki udon noodles and honetsukidori (bone-in fried chicken). However, a dish forcing its way to the top, which is often mentioned lately as the 3rd local gourmet dish in the Japanese media, is the anmochi zoni. A zoni is a soup dish containing sticky rice cakes, which along with other dishes is traditionally eaten over the New Year’s holidays in Kagawa prefecture. However, as people outside the prefecture rarely have the opportunity to try the dish, this time we will introduce a restaurant where you can enjoy anmochi zoni year round.

Budo no Ki is located along Lion Dori, Takamatsu. As I visited at lunchtime, I ordered the Sanuki anmochi lunch (JPY880).

It arrived in no time. The set included the zoni, beans in soy sauce, a small side dish and dessert – a hearty meal.

The zoni I was most curious about looks similar to a Kansai style white miso based zoni with daikon radish, carrots and round sticky rice cakes. I take a sip of the soup and detect a hint of dried sardines along with the sweetness of white miso, as well as just the slightest hint of green laver. It’s a refined, mild, yet slightly unique flavor.

Timidly, I open one of the rice cakes and see that it’s filled to the brim with sweet bean paste. Although I wonder doubtfully if the soup I just tasted will go well with the anmochi, I take a bite. The combination of the white miso soup’s saltiness and the sweetness of the anmochi go surprisingly well together – it’s delicious! This might just become a bit of a habit! Despite the size of the rice cake and the amount of sweet bean paste being quite considerable, I gulp them down!

For a small intermezzo between mouthfuls of anmochi, the local soy sauce beans are also very refined. If you too would like a taste of anmochi zoni, a unique and delicious local gourmet dish characteristic of Kagawa prefecture, do drop by at least once!


Budo no Ki

Address: 2-1Hyakkenmachi, Takamatsu city
Closed: Mondays
Tel: 087-822-2042

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi

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