The “Promised coffee” : Subaru Coffee (Kure city, Hiroshima)

“The coffee I had on Yamato was excellent…”


After the war, when the founder of Subaru Coffee ran the café, this was what a regular customer who was a former gunner on the battleship Yamato said…


Driven by that customer’s words, the founder had a single-minded desire to “recreate the coffee that was served on the battleship!” After spending 5 long years searching Yamato’s supply records, visiting Southeast Asian countries to collect coffee beans, and countless tries and errors, finally “Naval Coffee” was born.



On board the battleship where the feeling of “this moment might be my last”…. had to be the norm, “coffee” might have given crewmembers peace of mind.


Sipping that coffee, its taste brings gratitude for living spontaneously!



Including “Naval Officer’s Coffee” (Subaru Coffee shop’s signature kind), there are over 30 types of coffee on offer at the shop.

The 2nd-generation owner visits coffee plantations in countries such as Africa and Brazil. Checking coffee beans at the plantations reminds him of the faces of the customers at his shop.


“I want them to be pleased with my coffee.”


This feeling of ‘caring about customers’ has been handed down – the same reason “Naval Officer’s coffee” was carefully researched and reinvented.


Choosing coffee beans with love, it is like they are talking to us with a smile – I feel that way.



Choose your coffee like you choose your music…


Possibly unique to Subaru Coffee shop, over 30 flavors of single-serve coffee are “fresh packed” at the shop. Each pack features the country of origin’s taste, aroma and design.


You can purchase this beautifully packaged, just-roasted-at-the-store coffee. Choose the package that shows your feeling, or choose a flavor you want to try from the table chart. Oh, what a joy!


A lovely “coffee time” gift, for a mere 100-yen per package, you can buy you a wonderful moment for yourself, or someone special!




Things never change, things change with time…


“Subaru Coffee”, where the harmony of that balance exists!


An odd place that you want to visit again and again, is it because it’s a place where stories are handed down? I really don’t know…




You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at Coffee House “1959” next to the shop.


Having “Navy Officer’s coffee” at “1959”… is exquisite. Please have a sip.




Kure Subaru Coffee, Kure main store


Kure Subaru Coffee, 1959

Address: 2-5-3 Nakadōri, Kure-shi, Hiroshima

TEL: 0120-02-7730

Access: 10 min. walk towards Nakadōri Shōtengai from Kure station (JR Kure line)

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Closed: Tuesdays


Hiro DAYS store

Address: 2-14-46 Hirohon-machi, Kure-shi, Hiroshima

TEL: 0823-72-2723

Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Closed: Tuesdays, Sundays & national Holidays

Parking: 1 space

Website (Japanese):


Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Photo/ Makoto Esaki (Rainbow Sake Co., Ltd), Article/ Youko Suganami  (Rainbow Sake Co., Ltd)



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Rainbow Sake

Rainbow Sake

Yoko Suganami Rainbow Sake, Inc. After an extended stay in Hawaii, in 2011, I returned to my hometown of Kure, Hiroshima. Having worked at advertising companies in both Japan and Hawaii, I founded Rainbow Sake - a PR company with the goal of spreading Sake abroad. I hope that sake will ""bring the people of the world together"" and that I can be a part of that. I often travel abroad, and mostly to Hawaii and Singapore. Every time I come back home, I rediscover the beauty of my hometown and the happiness the easygoing, calm, fresh and simple sea and mountains of Setouchi bring.


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