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Blessings of the Sea and Land, and Flowers. Roadside Station Kasaoka Bayfarm Part 2: Blessings of the Sea & Land, and Flowers!

At the westernmost tip of Okayama prefecture on the border of Hiroshima prefecture, you can find Roadside Station Kasaoka Bayfarm, which is located within Kasaoka city. This place is amazing.

We introduced the facility a bit in a previous article, “Roadside Station Kasaoka Bayfarm Part 1: Blessings of the Sea & Land, and Flowers!” (https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/3251). This time we would like to continue to introduce some dishes and souvenirs from Kasaoka Bayfarm.

First off is the buffet that always has customers lining up. For only JPY1200, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet with ingredients from the Kasaoka region! Use your taste buds to get to know what a treasure trove of ingredients the area has to offer from the sea, islands and the reclaimed farming area.

And as the head of the station is also a chef, you can be assured of great flavors, as well.

The most popular dish is “Kasaoka ramen”. Made with chicken bones and fish, its broth is light and easy to gulp down. Naturally, this dish is also a part of the buffet menu.

The second most popular dish is the eggplant gratin. Bayfarm selects the best ingredients from the agriculturally prosperous Kasaoka area. Of course, the ingredients used in the buffet dishes are freshly harvested, too.

The third most popular dish is Kasaoka-grown seafood. During the winter season it has to be freshly collected deep-fried oysters. The moment you take a bite, the umami of the oysters just spreads throughout your mouth. So delicious…

In addition to these top 3 dishes, the regular all-you-can-eat buffet menu includes over 40 different items including curry, drinks and desserts. It’s both delicious and reasonably priced, and you’re stuffed before  you realize!

And these are our top 3 souvenirs.

No.1 is the “Kasa-no-wa small set of jam of the season and honey”.

This set includes small jars of non-heat-applied honey harvested in Kasaoka, as well as jams of the season. With 12 different types on offer through the year, the jams change monthly.

Using only the very best Kasaoka products, ”Kasa-no-wa” is the Roadside Station Bayfarm’s original brand. In addition to the jams and honey, the brand also includes dressings and nikumiso among other products.

Souvenir No.2 is Kasaoka’s staple product, ramen noodles. If you like the noodles in the buffet, you can purchase some as souvenirs, too.

Also recommended by yours truly, Kokohore Japan, 3rd place goes to the strawberries and cookies.

Whatever else can be said, these strawberries are large and sweet. When I first trie them I was moved as they were nothing like I had eaten before. They’re a gem of a product that I buy every time I visit Bayfarm.

And then the cookies. Their sweetness is exquisite. They’re not too sweet, or should I say they’re almost not sweet enough…, however it’s this slight feeling of wanting a little more sweetness that makes you want more. They’ve also become a staple souvenir at our house.

Kasaoka Roadside Station Bayfarm is so filled with charms that we had to divide this article into 2 parts.

The next time you’re in the area, do head over to experience all the charms personally. You will surely be wanting to visit again.

Roadside Station Kasaoka Bayfarm

Location: 245-5 Minamimachi, Kabuto, Kasaoka city, Okayama prefecture
HP: http://www.k-bay.jp/ (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Asami Asai / Katsutoshi Asai (Kokohore Japan)

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Kokohorejapan Inc.

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