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Awabi-ware: Refined Ceramics for Everyday Use.

Dear reader,

Have you ever heard of Minpei-yaki?

It’s a type of refined earthenware first made by Minpei Kashu during the Bunsei era (1818-1830) in Igano village (currently Kita-amaigano in Minami-awaji city) in Mihara district at the southernmost tip of Awaji Island.

Inspired by Minpei-yaki and other popular antique earthenware, Mr. Junichi Okamoto, an Awaji Island born craftsman, currently creates pieces suitable for modern tables.

When Mr. Okamoto did a ”U-turn” return to Awaji Island, he started a pottery brand called “Awabi-ware”. He creates tableware for everyday use with the concept of pottery passed down through the generations.

Awabi-ware is not shaped using a potter’s wheel, but rather by using plaster molds. During his university years, Mr. Okamoto majored in sculpting, and the pottery pieces he creates are more like beautiful works of sculpture.

“Beautiful objects are passed down and may remain for decades or even hundreds of years. These are the kinds of items I too wish to leave behind,” Mr. Okamoto says. The pieces he creates are just the right weight and size, and with their simple yet beautiful Minpei-yaki based designs, even the food served on them looks more delicious. They are so magical that you won’t grow tired of them even as the years pass.

Visit the Awabi-ware shop and atelier located at Awaji Art University to look, touch and feel the works in person. Their presentation boxes have very refined designs, as well.

Though they make great gifts and souvenirs, they’re superb for personal use, as well. If you visit Awaji Island, do come by!


Location: Awabi within Kansai University of Nursing and Health Sciences
Address: 1456-4 Shizuki, Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture
Tel: 090-6112-2679 (Mr. Okamoto)
Open: Sat & Sun 10:00-17:00
Please make an inquiry if you wish to visit on a weekday
http://awabiware.net/ (Japanese)
https://www.facebook.com/awabiware (Japanese)

Check the shop list for purchases outside Awaji Island.
http://awabiware.net/shoplist/ (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder photo-writer: Futoshi Hineno

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