Pasta Restaurant Antorowa (Room123): Enjoy Delicious Pasta at a Retro Style Traditional House on Holland Street!

If you get off at the “Shiroshita” stop, which is the one closest to Okayama Castle and Korakuen Garden, right away you will see the Omotecho Shopping street with its arcade. (It’s the 3rd stop on the tramway from Okayama station.) One street to the east there is another street that runs parallel, north to south, for about 1km, and along this street you can find boutiques, galleries and restaurants, among others.

The name of this fashionable, brick-paved road that looks like it’s from another country is Oranda-dori, or Holland street. The name was given in remembrance of Ine, the first Japanese female to become a doctor, as she trained at a medical clinic in the area (Ine was the daughter of a Dutch doctor called von Siebold).

This time we will introduce a café & restaurant called Pasta Shokudo Antorowa (also known as Room123), which is located at a remodelled early Showa period townhouse located on Holland street. Their pasta and sweets are delicious, but it is the warmth of the wooden interior and gentle lighting that makes the shop lovely and relaxing.

In the space right after the entrance is the kitchen and the counter filled with different types of alcohol. Beneath, you’ll find books lined up tightly on the shelves. “Feel free to have a read of any book you like and relax”… This is the message this space gives customers… This wonderful coziness that feels almost as if you’re endorsed to stay as long as you want is just healing.

Past the kitchen, you can see some soft seating and sofas. Chatting with friends, reading books or just dwelling on your thoughts with the natural light gently beaming in from the ceiling windows… It’s a space where you can relax as much as you want.

You can find wide sofas on the second floor, as well. In the evening, it’s a relaxing space gently lit up by stained glass lamps. You’re almost guaranteed to enjoy your time here, even if you’re alone.

Fried eggplant and spinach tomato sauce pasta (Lunch JPY850, Dinner JPY950). Believe it or not, at Room123 you can select your own combination of pasta ingredients! Choose from 10 types of sauces and 20 types of toppings.

Customizing your dish to your own liking allows you to enjoy the synergy between all the ingredients of these delicious pasta dishes. The vegetable broth brings out the umami of the ingredients, especially in the soup pasta, and adding some butter as a finishing touch brings some thickness and richness to the flavor. Do try it out at least once.

Made with an abundance of local and regional ingredients, this is an assortment of 5 types of colorful starters.

Making it a suitable venue for those who want to enjoy a filling meal as well as for parties, the restaurant also serves a variety of à la carte dishes such as the popular ajillo and acqua pazza dishes made with fruits of the sea, as well as hearty grilled dishes, and pizzas that can be shared.

Our recommendations for coffee time are the smoothies and shakes filled with seasonal fruits, as well as the restaurant’s homemade cakes.

The homemade baked cheesecake made with cream from Hokkaido and rosehip tea are especially popular.

By the way, for coffee, the restaurant uses beans from ONSAYA COFFEE, which is known for its home-roasted coffee beans.

This is Mr. Kazuya Nakamura, the chef & owner of the restaurant. After 3 years of training at a French restaurant and 2 years of training at a café, two years ago at the age of 24 he opened Pasta Shokudo Antorowa. “I don’t like to make compromises when it comes to food, but authentic French and Italian restaurants are hard for young people to approach. And that’s why I aimed for a relaxed café style, yet authentic pasta and à la carte restaurant that even serves courses. I want to make my restaurant into one that allows a wide variety of customers from high school students to adults to come and enjoy their time both alone and in groups.”

With its relaxing café atmosphere, Pasta Shokudo Antorowa combines refined cuisine with café-style dishes.

This improbable style of café and restaurant may just become addictive! This is an eatery definitely worth visiting if you come to Okayama!


Pasta Shokudo Antorowa (Room123)

Location: 1-9-67 Omotecho, Kita wards, Okayama city, Okayama prefecture
Open: 11:00-23:00 (Last orders, Food: 22:00, Drinks: 22:30)
Lunchtime: 11:00-14:00
Dinnertime: 17:00-23:00
Closed: Mondays (Open if Monday is a national holiday, but closed the following day)
Tel: 086-953-4696 (Japanese)


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