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TheCoffeeHouse: A Coffee Shop that offers Delicious Sandwiches Made on a Hotplate!

Although “Kinoshitashouten”(main shop)(link: https://setouchifinder.com/en/detail/394) in the Oku town area of Setouchi city, “TheCoffeebar” in front of Okayama station, and “UDO” in the Inbe town area of Bizen city all have different concepts, Kinoshitashouten, which creates spaces to enjoy local ingredients and coffee, opened “TheCoffeeHouse” on the outskirts of Okayama city in November 2015.

The selling point of TheCoffeeHouse is this impressive hotplate. This is where the sandwiches made with local ingredients are prepared right in front of customers. Mr. Kinoshita, the owner, heard that in the USA sandwiches are often made on hotplates, so he went all the way there to check them out.

Omelettes are cooked right in front of my eyes. My expectations are rising.

How do they look? These egg sandwiches are made using three eggs, mustard and mayonnaise – An amazing match, and a delicacy everyone should try.

Limited to only 10 servings per day, this is the homemade pastrami ham sandwich. The meat packed with umami and the spiciness of pepper whet the appetite.

This is the mackerel sandwich. Making the flavor exquisite, the hearty baguette is soaked with the umami of the mackerel – they go so well together! Both the sandwich bread and the vegetable garnish are made with locally grown ingredients. The owner procures them daily from the local farm-fresh market.

While the hotplate and the sandwiches are fabulous, this is “TheCoffeeHouse”, so I order a cup made with home-roasted coffee beans, brewed by a barista, and served in a lovely Bizen ware cup.

I feel so blissful. Is it just us that thinks that lovely cafés and delicious coffee are a necessity when traveling?

To reminisce about your travels in Okayama and the Setouchi region, why not take home some original “TheCoffeeHouse” home-roasted coffee beans?

I really think that might be a nice idea! 🙂



Location: 708-8 Daikuhon cho, Kita-ku, Okayama Prefecture

Tel: 050-1485-8864

Setouchi Finder Photo-writers: Katsutoshi Asai / Asami Asai (Kokohore Japan)

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Kokohorejapan Inc.

Katsutoshi Asai Producer and member of the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association. Born in Yokohama in 1974, Katsutoshi is married and has a young son. Although he started his career with an advertising agency, he went to join the Tower Records team. Katsutoshi was involved with brand management, sales campaigns, collaboration work, and live events. Through his career, he experienced being the Sales Promotion Manager, and the Manager of the Live Entertainment Department. However, in 2012, Katsuyoshi retired from Tower Records and moved to Seto city, Okayama prefecture - a place where he had no prior friends, connections or relatives. Soon after moving, he joined the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association, and in July 2013 founded Kokohore Japan and began a number of projects to re-task old traditional buildings, invent new specialty products, and work on regional branding. Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/ Asami Asai Editor & Writer I mainly write about social news, music, and lifestyles. I was born and raised in Tokyo, but in 2012 I decided on a whim to move to Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture. I contribute to magazines such as Liniere, Inakagurashi no Hon, and ku:nel. I publish books for my 'interesting' friends, too, and direct and write for programs at FM Okayama. Everyday I write about people and things for both readers and listeners. Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/


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