Sakuramomoichigo no Sato: The Ultimate Strawberry Daifuku Made from Sanagouchi Village Strawberries!

Sanagouchi village, located in the Myogo district of Tokushima prefecture, has its own brand of strawberries, and very proud of them they are too.

Under the brandname “Sakuramomoichigo”, the strawberries cultivated in the village are as big as peaches (‘momo’) and even more luxurious than the very sweet “Momoichigo” strawberries.

While the average “Momoichigo” strawberry is short and round, resembling the shape of “Nyoho” strawberries, ”Sakuramomoichigo” are pointed. Although brandname strawberries are quite expensive, they are exquisitely sweet and juicy. 

If the ultimate “Sakuramomoichigo” strawberry daifuku (glutinous rice cakes often filled with red bean paste) existed, wouldn’t you want to try one?

Guess what?

Strawberry daifuku are made and sold by Fukuya, a confectionery company with 4 shops in Tokushima prefecture.

Despite being scarce even in Tokushima prefecture, the store procures rare “Sakuramomoichigo” for its strawberry daifukus. This is the finished product:

Sold from December through early April (JPY720), the name of the sweet is “Sakuramomoichigo no Sato”. It may be hard to see in the photo, but they are really quite large. 

Showing a strawberry daifuku sliced in half, the above picture is used in daifuku ads! The light pink bean paste and pure white rice cake seal in a huge “Sakuramomoichigo” strawberry.

I take a bite and… it’s surprisingly fruity! I’m trying to think of the last time I thought a Japanese sweet was juicy!

 At Fukuya Seiju no Sato, a shop located in the Kokufu town area of Tokushima city, there’s a café where you can enjoy the strawberry daifuku you just purchased on the spot! By the way, these strawberry daifuku are not the only confectionary products made using “Sakuramomoichigo”.

Be sure not to miss the “Sakuramomoichigo” roll made with rice flour and the refined wasenbon sugar! It’s a luxurious roll cake made with plenty of “Sakuramomoichigo” strawberries. 

And here’s the superb “Ki no Fuuka Henro” set menu! (JPY864). It’s an assortment of Japanese sweets that in addition to the roll cake includes zenzai (sweet red bean soup), warabimochi  (bracken-starch dumplings), sherbet, shio kombu (salty seaweed strips), and a cup of tea!

Both the daifuku and roll cake can also be bought online. Do give them a  try, and/or give them as gifts to that special someone; it might increase your points!

(*Please note that the Sakuramomoichigo roll cake is only available from December to early April.)


Wagashi Fukuya

Locations: [Seiju no Sato] 122 Yano, Kokufu-cho, Tokushima city
                    [Ryogoku main store] 11 Ryogokubashi, Tokushima city
                    [Sogou Tokushima shop] Tokushima Sogou B1 floor, Nishi, Terashimahon-cho
                    [Yume Town Tokushima shop] Higashinakazu, Okuno, Aizumi-cho, Itano district
Tel: 088‐642‐6788 (Seiju no Sato), 088‐625‐2983 (Ryogoku main store), 088‐654‐8780 (Sogou Tokushima shop), 088-678-6298 (Yume Town Tokushima shop)
Open: Everyday 9:00-18:00 (Seiju no Sato), 11:00-17:00 last orders (Seiju no Sato café)
HP: (Japanese)
Rakuten Online Shop: (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Daisuke Chiba

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Written by

Daisuke Chiba

Daisuke Chiba

Daisuke Chiba / Photo-writer I was born in 1985 in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, and now live in Tokushima City. After graduating university, I worked at a publishing company as an editor for various mooks, and in April 2014 I went freelance. I work as a photographer, copy-writer and editor, but also do product development and other stuff as well. If anyone needs me, I can do anything! Except, in spite of my being from Tokushima, dancing - I’m really bad at dancing Awa Odori!


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