“Mamachovy” : Okayama’s New Souvenir that’s Great with Italian cuisine!

Representing traditional Okayama cuisine, “Mamakari” (Japanese sardines) are said to be something delicious enough to make you want to ‘borrow rice’ (‘manma’ = regional word for ‘rice’ + ‘karirru’ = Japanese for ‘borrow’). They’re mainly eaten pickled or as sushi, but recently a special new product has been making the news: Okayama’s traditional cuisine has been reworked into an Italian cuisine ingredient.



This is it: “Mamachovy” !
It’s a processed product that has arranged the sardines into the style of anchovy fillets often used in Italian food as a seasoning.



For the original anchovy, one would use Japanese anchovy, but mamachovy is made from fresh mamakari caught in the Setouchi area of Okayama prefecture. Fresh fish is seasoned with salt, then left to ferment before finally being marinated in olive oil.
Mamakari’s natural, sharp flavor and firm texture are characteristic of the dish, and even people who don’t like anchovies enjoy it.



This is mamakari. Belonging to the herring family, the official name for the fish is Japanese sardinella.



The people who changed mamakari into Italian food were Mr. Terada, the chef of the Italian restaurant, Ristorante Terada, in Okayama city and all the users of the “at Work Osafune” employment support office, as well as the people cooperating to revitalize the Setouchi region of Okayama prefecture.


They decided to create a new special product to promote Setouchi city. They redesigned the traditional mamakari dish into an Italian dish, thus broadening both mamakari’s potential and charm.



Mamachovy goes together amazingly well with garlic and tomato, potatoes and olive oil.
The photo above is “mamachovy cabbage” and the one below “Radeck’s temptation”.


You can also enjoy it as a topping for Italian foods like pasta and pizza, as well as an accent for salads and such.


Now we will introduce a showy dish, perfect for parties.



Recipe for Radeck’s Temptation:

Ingredients for 2 portions

Onion: 1/2

Mamachovy: 6 fillets

Potatoes: 3

Fresh cream: 150 ml

Bread crumbs/Panko (in moderation)

Olive oil: mamachovy was immersed (in moderation)

If you have them handy: Dill (in moderation)
Cut the onion into thin slices (parallel to the fibers). Then chop the mamachovy into fine pieces. With the potatoes, cut two of them into 5mm thick rectangles, and then the last one into 5mm round slices.


Heat the oven to 180 degrees (Celcius)


Start laying the ingredients into an 18cm diameter heat resistant dish/casserole. Start with the potatoes cut into rectangles and then lay the onions on top followed by the mamachovy. Lastly, lay the roundly cut thin potato slices on top. When you lay them up as shown in the photo above, the dish will look great at parties and other events, too.


Pour the fresh cream on top of the ingredients in the dish/casserole and then sprinkle some of the olive oil from the mamachovy jar on top. Put the dish in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes, sprinkle the breadcrumbs/panko on top and bake for another 15 minutes.


Hint: If you want to cook quicker, cook the potatoes in milk beforehand (so that it just covers them) for around 20 minutes. The oven cooking time is then decreased by half.
The more layers you have, the more delicious the dish is, so with a small heat resistant dish/casserole lay the potatoes, onions and mamachovy in order so that the last ingredient on the top will be the potatoes.


Created from the desire to enliven Okayama, the old but new souvenir, mamachovy.


Won’t you try it?



Ingredients: Japanese sardinella (from Setouchi city, Okayama prefecture), Salt (sun-dried salt from the Adrian Sea), Olive oil (made in Italy)
Content:  50 g, (total weight 70g)
Use: within 3 months
Price: JPY800 (+ tax)


Buy here: http://shop.kkhr.jp (website in Japanese)


Contact details
KokohoreJapan Co.,Ltd.
Address: 696-4 Yamadanosho, Okucho, Setouchi, Okayama Prefecture 701-4246



HP:http://kkhr.jp (in Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Asami Asai/ Kasutoshi Asai (KokohoreJapan)



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Kokohorejapan Inc.

Katsutoshi Asai Producer and member of the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association. Born in Yokohama in 1974, Katsutoshi is married and has a young son. Although he started his career with an advertising agency, he went to join the Tower Records team. Katsutoshi was involved with brand management, sales campaigns, collaboration work, and live events. Through his career, he experienced being the Sales Promotion Manager, and the Manager of the Live Entertainment Department. However, in 2012, Katsuyoshi retired from Tower Records and moved to Seto city, Okayama prefecture - a place where he had no prior friends, connections or relatives. Soon after moving, he joined the Setouchi Regional Revitalization Association, and in July 2013 founded Kokohore Japan and began a number of projects to re-task old traditional buildings, invent new specialty products, and work on regional branding. Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/ Asami Asai Editor & Writer I mainly write about social news, music, and lifestyles. I was born and raised in Tokyo, but in 2012 I decided on a whim to move to Setouchi City, Okayama Prefecture. I contribute to magazines such as Liniere, Inakagurashi no Hon, and ku:nel. I publish books for my 'interesting' friends, too, and direct and write for programs at FM Okayama. Everyday I write about people and things for both readers and listeners. Website: Kokohore Japan http://kkhr.jp/


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