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Prefecture-Grown Fruit is Both Efficient & Kawaii♡Delicious, and Makes Perfect Gifts : GOHOBI Kurashiki Bikan Area (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture)

I want to take home compact, easy-to-carry, first-rate fruit… And for those of you who are looking for gifts with a taste and look that appeal to ladies, I will tell you about the perfect shop.

Gohobi – in name and in taste!

At their GOHOBI shop in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, the Kajitsu Koubou Co. transforms fruit (mostly locally-grown produce) into a multitude of delicious sweets that are loved by ladies.
This highly recommended Okayama shop creates collagen-filled jelly made from fruits like grapes, peaches and pears, as well as other delicious items such as butter sandwiches and sorbets. The quality of both the taste and appearance of its products are true to its name “GOHOBI”, which means “gift” in Japanese.

For this article, I visited the store in the Kurashiki Bikan Area, Kurashiki City – one of 5 stores the company operates within the prefecture. Many female tourists seek out this place, which is located in a back street among the white-walled townhouses typical of Kurashiki.
GOHOBI’s main product is this fruit collagen jelly set. (12p – 650 yen incl. tax)

The design could easily be mistaken for that of cosmetics… The jelly isn’t made from the juice of the fruit, but rather from fresh puree, which keeps the fruit’s taste and aroma intact. When I cool a few packs in the fridge at my house, the kids always eat them all before I even notice. And they don’t even need collagen!

The size of the grapes is utterly provoking. I would feel no guilt eating a bunch in the middle of the night (lol).

There’s plenty to satisfy the ladies!

In addition to jelly, there’s dried white peaches (650 yen incl. tax)

And butter sandwiches packed with that very home-made dried fruit (1p – 220 yen incl. tax) – A line-up full of must-buys.

You can find the GOHOBI+green store in the Sun Station shopping mall at JR Kurashiki Station, a mere 10 min walk from the Bikan Area store.

Here they sell drinks made of fruits, herbs, and the popular Cordial Syrup, mixed with soda water or soy milk. And it comes with pulp as well!

Supporting the farmers

GOHOBI might seem luxurious, but it is a store with a mission. It supports farmers by buying their damaged high-quality fruit, which otherwise might be thrown away.

That’s why the full-flavor of the fruit comes to life, while not being too sweet.

GOHOBI brings joy to ladies and farmers alike! I recommend it for souvenirs, as well as gifts for yourself.

GOHOBI Kurashiki Bikan Area

Address: 1-1-1 Achi, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Business Hours: 10:00 – 17:00

Closed: Open everyday

Tel: 086-441-5827

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Eri Hatano

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Written by

Eri Hatano

Eri Hatano

Eri Hatano I was born in Miyazaki Prefecture in 1978 and now live in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. I used to be a newspaper journalist, but work as a freelance writer now. Though I left Ehime 2 years ago, I did not forget the place itself nor the unfailing hospitality and warmth of its people. I finally returned in the spring of 2017. I am absolutely positive that anyone who visits Ehime, even just once, will fall in love with it. That is why I write articles to support those who plan to visit.


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