Orizuru Tower: Hiroshima’s New Visitor Hotspot Next to the Genbaku Dome!

A Panoramic View of Hiroshima City!

The 13-story tall Orizuru Tower, located next to the Genbaku Dome World Heritage Site, opened on July 11th this year.

A superbly remodelled office building, Orizuru Tower is hugely attractive complex that includes shops, cafes, an observation platform, and various other facilities.

This is the entrance to the observation platform. Apparently, this new view of Hiroshima is something to behold. Let’s buy a ticket and have a look!

We reach the top floor and waiting for us, is….

…a panoramic view of Hiroshima! Up until now there hasn’t been a proper ‘observation platform’ in Hiroshima, so few people have been able to get this kind of expansive view of the city.

This is the view everybody wants.

The view of the Genbaku Dome from above. Those who will be surprised the most by this view are probably the citizens of Hiroshima who have grown accustomed to the Genbaku Dome from street level.

By the way, there are no walls or glass windows on this observation platform; only wire-netting. This is for visitors to feel the air and sunlight of Hiroshima on their skin. The wire-netting is less obtrusive than it seems in the photo, and the breeze is very pleasant.

Dropping Folded Paper Cranes from 50m Above Ground!?

Orizuru Square is on the 12th floor. Here, with help of staff and multilingual web applications, visitors can fold paper cranes – the very symbol of peace.

The finished paper cranes can then be dropped 50m down into the Orizuru Wall. Tens of thousands of paper cranes will some day fill up this glass wall to complete a colorful masterpiece.

Do not miss this: The ‘Outdoor Slope Art Gallery’!

On the way down, instead of taking the elevator, please use the outdoor slope.

The slope is a phenomenal space that also serves as an art gallery. The current exhibition includes works by manga artist Shuho Sato, famous for UMIZARU and Say Hello to Black Jack. Highly impressive and moving peace-themed paintings are exhibited from the 2nd to 12th floor.

After having delighted in various experiences on the way down, visitors can buy local specialties in the souvenir shop and enjoy the taste of Hiroshima in the cafe on the 1st floor.

In the souvenir corner, colorful crane earrings catch visitors’ eyes. To be able to wear the symbol of peace in this fashion is quite beautiful.

I hope everyone will take a trip to the Orizuru Tower and discover a new Hiroshima, and I am confident you will be able to approach the vast and important topic of peace with newfound emotions.

Did you know that you can wear kimono on the 3rd floor of Orizuru Tower? Click here for highly recommended events:



Orizuru Tower

Address: 1-2-1 Otemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Opening hours: 10:00 – 21:00 ※ Same-day admission tickets to the observation platform are sold until 1-hour prior to closing (for the pre-opening period, 2016/7/11 – 9/22.) For opening hours of the Grand Opening (2016/9/23) and after, please check the website.
URL: http://www.orizurutower.jp/

Closed: 12/29 – 1/2
Tel: 082-569-6200
Tickets: [Observation floor admission] Adults 1,700 yen. Junior high-school and high-school students 900 yen. Elementary school students 700 yen. Children (4 years and older) 500 yen. ※ May be subject to discount. [Paper crane] 500 yen (if purchased with observation floor admission ticket at the ticket counter on the 1st floor), 600 yen if bought separately on the 12th floor.

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Izumi Furukawa

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Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa

Izumi Furukawa Hello. My name is Izumi Furukawa and I was born in Kagawa Prefecture. Before getting married in 2012, I wrote for various magazine companies and Internet based media organizations in Tokyo. After marrying, I moved to Hiroshima and am now raising my child as well as writing stories about my fascination with this area through Setouchi Finder. Most of the articles I write are about places I visit on weekends with my family. My favorite driving course is Route 375 from Saijyo to the Miyoshi Area, and my favorite food from the Hiroshima area is Anagomeshi (from Miyajima)!!


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