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Please Cry on Awajima Island! The Onion Crying Beauty Contest – Voting Has Begun!!

On Awajima island there is a contest that cannot be found anywhere else – contestants cry among beautiful scenery! The Onion Crying Beauty Contest is named after Awajima’s local specialty – the onion. Voting is now open!!

The entrants who are chosen to join the contest are stunning women with an extraordinary love of onions.

Six lucky ladies spent one of the last days of their summer vacation, 2016-08-20, shooting promotional videos at the Zekkeidai (viewing platform) at Uzuno-Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall.

The contestants spent this hot, sunny day in front of the camera with their backs to the marvellous view of the Onaruto Bridge. Footage can be viewed at the official contest site. Please take a look at their beautiful tears!

You can vote at the official website (below).

Please vote for whichever crying beauty you find particularly worthy of the title. You can vote once a day, and voting closes on September 30th, 2016. Also, if you buy a bag of onion chips at the Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall, you can get a photo of your favorite beauty.

Buying a bag of onion chips also counts as a vote! The winner will be decided on the total number of votes from the sales of chips and the website.

The tearful face of the lucky winner will feature on the new onion chip bags sold at the memorial hall. Please cast your vote for one of Awajima’s onion-loving beauties!

Voting period: 2016-09-01 ~ 2016-09-30.
※ Photographs available 09-15 ~ 09-30.

Vote at the official Onion Crying Beauty Contest website:


Uzuno-Oka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall
Address: 936-3, Fukurahei, Minami-Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture.
Tel: 0799-52-2888
Website: http://kinen.uzunokuni.com/
Awaji official website: http://uzunokuni.com/ottamage/

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Asami Asai (Kokohore Japan)

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