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Make Your Very Own Soy Sauce at Kinryo Shoyu, Shodoshima Island’s Historic Soy Sauce Shop!

With its calm seas and majestic mountains, time passes slowly and gently on Shodoshima Island.

Located within walking distance of Kusakabe Port, this time we will be introducing Kinryo Shoyu, a historic soy sauce shop that has been passing on its traditional production methods since the mid-Meiji era.

The refined exterior of the soy sauce brewery is impressive; even the logo is somewhat retro and fashionable.

Take the Challenge & Make Your Own Soy Sauce!

At Kinryo Shoyu you can experience making soy sauce in a way that can’t be found anywhere else.

To start off, you fill a bottle with your own mixture of bonito flakes, konbu (kelp), shiitake mushroom and dried sardines. Next, you pour in some of the brewery’s invaluable freshly-brewed pure soy sauce that can’t even be found in the shop, and then blend it all together.

It Takes Around 30 Minutes!

Open to both adults and children alike, the soy sauce making experience costs JPY1000 (reservations must be made by the previous day).

We were given a lecture by Ms. Fujii, the 5th generation owner of the shop. As her lecture is very thorough, you’ll have lots of fun during the experience. Of course, you can take your soy sauce home when you leave.

After pouring the soy sauce in the bottle, it’s done in no time! You can also draw your own illustration on the label that will be glued on the bottle!


Your original bottle soy sauce even comes with a photograph of the 4th generation owner on it! Delightful, don’t you think? In addition to the memories you’ll have of your trip, using your very own soy sauce will surely make cooking fun, as well.

Look for Gift Products!

Within the shop you can find a variety of souvenir products. They’re popular among tourists, as well.

Made in collaboration with Kojima’s humorous and popular jeans brand, I also recommend the “Iitokodori” set (JPY2800 + tax).

Furthermore, believe it or not, at the counter they sell postcards with photos of the 4th generation owner! The humor-filled card sets include pictures of him as he is today as well as when he was young. They’re a refreshingly nouveau product and it’s no wonder that many people want his autograph!

As visitors can also tour the soy sauce brewery, do remember to ask. How about making some memorable soy sauce in a lovely place, filled with the gentle aroma of matured soy sauce and kindness?

Kinryo Shoyu

Location: 842-1 Umaki, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu district, Kagawa prefecture
Open: 9:00-17:00 everyday
Tel: 0879-82-3333
Fees: Soy sauce blending experience JPY1000
 *You can try soy sauce tasting free-of-charge at the shop

http://www.kinryo-shoyu.co.jp (Japanese)

http://kinryo-shoyu.co.jp/english/ (English)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Tomoko Kawai (Dream Network Activity)

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