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Organic Veggie Lunch with Seasonal Veg at Yugeshima Island’s Shokudo Marufu Natural Farm (Kamijima, Ehime Prefecture)

Shokudo Marufu Natural Farm : A Tiny Island Restaurant…

… about 10 minutes from Yuge harbor, Kamijima Island, Ehime Prefecture.

If you follow the way to Yuge Shrine, this cute sign tells you when you have only 113 step to go.

This is the tiny island restaurant called Shokudo Marufu Natural Farm. They offer organic lunches as well as sweets made without any dairy produce, eggs or refined sugar. This is the owner, Mitsuka Fujimaki. (Though married to Mr. Furukawa, she retains her maiden name.)

It’s autumn, so naturally the main dish includes autumn veggies such as eggplant. Mrs. Fujimaki says she’ll cook the eggplants extra thoroughly today as the temperature outside is creeping down and she wants me to stay nice and warm.

Organic, Home-grown Island Vegetables

At Marufu, they mostly use organic vegetables grown right there at the farm by Mr. Furukawa. The seeds are endemic and local and come from right over on the mainland. Marufu’s vegetables are therefore particularly sweet with a clear, enhanced flavor. And they’re… oh, so tasty!

Lots of Organic Veggies

Consisting of the very eggplants Mrs. Fujimaki cooked earlier, this is today’s main lunch dish. You would not believe the seasoning is only soy sauce!

Here’s a small delicious dish of two kinds of cucumber, tofu and mayonnaise

This is a ganmodoki (fried bean curd cake) with goya and lemon peel. It’s nice and crispy and fresh. Eating this gave me a lot of energy.

The Marufu Vegetable Lunch includes two small main dishes as well as soup, stone pot cooked rice (you can choose either brown or white), and pickled vegetables. It’s only 1000 yen. For only 200 yen extra you can get coffee, tea, or sannenbancha green tea.

As we are currently between seasons, there are many different vegetables on the menu. Mrs. Fujimaki says that leaf vegetables such as komatsuna are starting to pop up, and that the daikon radishes and carrots are getting sweeter.

I very happily recommend this cozy organic restaurant on Yugeshima island to one and all!

Shokudo Marufu Natural Farm

Address: Yugeshimoyuge 518, Kamijima, Ochi, Ehime Prefecture
Open: Saturday to Monday, 11:00~17:00 (last orders 16:30) ※ Lunch is 11:30〜13:30 or until sold out.
Closed: Tuesday to Friday
Tel: 050-7128-8807
Pricing: Marufu Vegetable Lunch Set 1000 yen, cakes from 300 yen
Parking: Free parking available close by (2 spaces)
Seats: 14


※ While dried bonito, dried sardines and oyster sauce are occasionally used in soups and other dishes, honey is sometimes used in the sweets.

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Kaori Masuda

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Kaori Masuda

Kaori Masuda

Kaori Masuda I was born in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture and am a writer and a poet. I run Hoshimugi (https://hoshitsumugi.wordpress.com/), a workshop website dedicated to poems and essays. I spent many years in Tokyo and Kanagawa studying at university and starting my adult life there. I moved to Shikoku with my husband and son about 10-years ago, and am going to write about all the breathtaking spots we have here on the islands of Ehime. Ehime is really a fantastic place. Please come and see for yourself.


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