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Yuge Temari – Embroidery with Flowers & Sea Motifs, A Yuge Island handicraft. (Kamijima, Ochi District, Ehime Prefecture)

Yuge Temari – Made with the beloved in mind

Myoujin Area, Yuge Island, Ehime Prefecture.

The Yuge Temari Group workshop is close to a stone monument commemorating Fujiwara no Sukemasa, one of the three great Sanseki (outstanding calligraphers) of the Heian Period.

On Yuge Island, temari were traditionally used as ornaments for relatives who had recently passed away. Made with love and care for the deceased, the women of the island would make them at the beginning of December and later hang them up for New Year.

Chrysanthemum, Hydrangea, Fireworks: The Beauty of Embroidery.

The Yuge Temari Group first started up 15-years ago. Nowadays 40-year-olds through 90-year-olds meet at the workshop once a week to stitch temari. Time passes slowly at the workshop as the members make temari and chat together. According to the ladies, ”Even if only one stitch is different, it makes it unique. The fact that every temari is unique is something really beautiful.”

At the core of each temari is a ball. A golden thread is usually used to mark out the separate sections of the ball and guide the stitches.

This is a hydrangea. It resembles a kaleidoscope and is quite pretty.

A simple, pure morning glory. You can almost feel the fresh morning air in its design.

Sporting a festive color combination, this sunflower looks like the sun.

This detailed temari shows the crossing waves of the Setouchi sea and a colorful fireworks display.

A modern rose pattern. Maybe something to give to a special someone…

This chrysanthemum makes me think of light reflected in the morning dew on flower petals…

Nature in Everyday Life

The temari group has a valuable tip: “Pink petals, green leaves, blue sky – if you have trouble deciding on a color scheme, try thinking about the colors found in nature.”
The patterns and images found on the temari ball might reflect the beautiful nature of the island.
Producing lovely objects you would want to hold in your hands and gaze at, Temari making is a traditional island handicraft. How about buying one?

Yuge Temari Group

Contact: yugetemari@gmail.com
1 temari – from 1500 yen. (The price depends on the type of stitching and the size of the core.)
Temari are sold at Oidenasai inside the Seaside Mall, 3 minutes walk from Yuge harbor.
Address: 1037 Yugeshimo, Yuge, Ehime Prefecture.
For mail orders, please contact via email.

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Kaori Masuda

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Kaori Masuda

Kaori Masuda

Kaori Masuda I was born in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture and am a writer and a poet. I run Hoshimugi (https://hoshitsumugi.wordpress.com/), a workshop website dedicated to poems and essays. I spent many years in Tokyo and Kanagawa studying at university and starting my adult life there. I moved to Shikoku with my husband and son about 10-years ago, and am going to write about all the breathtaking spots we have here on the islands of Ehime. Ehime is really a fantastic place. Please come and see for yourself.


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