Experience Painting Takamatsu Hariko – Kagawa’s Famous Handicraft!

Have you heard of the traditional handicraft ‘hariko’? They have been made in many places around Japan since days-of-old and are commonly known as talismans to ward of evil, charms of good luck and fortune, toys for children and ornaments for celebrating their growth.

The Takamatsu hariko is widely known as a classic Kagawa handicraft, and crafts shops and souvenir shops sell hariko with various motifs.

For this article, we visited IKUNAS in central Takamatsu City to experience painting hariko first-hand. As the shop provides all the tools you need, you don’t have to bring anything yourself. After registering, you receive a short introduction to hariko. You can choose between two hariko motifs: The classic Takamatsu hokosan (service man), and the bringer of good fortune – the manekineko (beckoning cat).

Let’s start!

I wonder how it will look in the end. It’s up to you how you want to paint it. Choosing colors and writing messages to your liking are all part of the fun.

It’s easy to stop talking when you’re concentrating!

It took about an hour to finish. Here’s a photo!

The middle one is the sample, and the two on each side are my work. They each have distinct and unique colors and expressions. Pretty great, right? Some people traveling Setouchi even paint their memories of the islands on hariko. It goes without saying that you can take your hariko home. Light yet robust, they make perfect souvenirs.

Now it’s your turn to paint your own hariko of your trip to Setouchi.

IKUNAS Takamatsu Hariko Painting Experience
Address: 2-1-8 Mori Building 2F, Hanazono, Takamatsu City
Fees: 1,000 yen per person
Open: Saturday, Sunday, national holidays 12:00~16:00 (lesson takes about 1 hour)
Reservation: Email or telephone IKUNAS 3-days prior
Information needed: Name / number of participants / time of arrival
Tel: 087-833-1361
Email: ikunas@tao-works.jp
Limit: 6 people per time
 (No preparation necessary)
Other: Hariko motif choices – hokosan or manekineko

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi

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