Oyster Season Has Arrived! Try Fried Oysters at a Hut by the Beach!


When talking about oysters in the Seto Inland Sea area, Hiroshima springs to mind, but actually you can enjoy delicious fresh oysters in Kagawa prefecture, as well.

With a terrain little affected by waves, Sido Bay is the deepest bay in Kagawa prefecture. As the area has no tidal currents, it is an ideal location for oyster cultivation.
Small oyster huts dot the coastal line of Sido Bay. During the oyster harvest season from around November to March you can enjoy fresh oysters at these small huts by the seashore.



This time we would like to introduce “Kakiyaki Mure”, which is located in Mure-cho, Takamatsu city. As you enter the restaurant, you can see rows of tables that look like counters combined with iron plates.
On top of the tables you can find soy sauce, lemon and shichimi spice blend among other basic spices. There are also chopsticks, and knives for opening oyster shells.



The restaurant has a JPY3000 all-you-can-eat option (time limit: 120 min).
Each group gathers around a table and fries oysters on top of the iron plate. After the oysters are done, you open the shells by yourself and keep eating until you’re full, kind of in the same style as you would with yakiniku (Korean BBQ).

In addition to fried oysters, oyster rice, miso soup and hotate clams are served. In general, bringing your own things to the store is allowed, so when you go, select some drinks and spices you think might go well together with fried oysters.





The oysters are fried dynamically on the iron plate.
The lady of the restaurant will kindly let you know when is the best time to eat the oysters as well as how to open the shells.



I selected momijioroshi (grated daikon mixed with chili) as a topping.



When you put it in your mouth the oyster’s condensed flavor spreads within an instant.
The oysters actually taste quite light, so it feels as if you could just keep on eating.
In the end, I ate this many all by myself.



Kagawa prefecture’s staple winter delicacy: Fried oysters from Sido Bay.
This winter, how about having fun with your friends while enjoying some fried oysters?

Kakiyaki Mure

Address: Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture Mure Omachi 39-1
Season: From October to March (changes according to year, so we recommend inquiring beforehand)
Business hours: From 10am~ can enter until 19.00.
(Possible at any time upon consultation)
Holidays: No holidays
Access: Around 20-minutes walk from Shioya station on the Kotoden Shido line.
Along the Takamatsu-Mure Line of Kagawa Prefectural Road 36
Telephone: 087-845-3649
URL: http://www.kamure.jf-net.ne.jp/murekakiyaki/mure.html (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi



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