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Takasago Nikuten: Crepe-like Okonomiyaki with Yummy Potatoes (Hyogo Prefecture)

Nikuten – A Unique Okonomiyaki Restaurant in Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture

Okonomiyaki – every local area has its own twist on the vegetables and cooking method of this delicious dish.

This one looks different! Actually, its name isn’t even the same. This one is called Takasago nikuten. It seems okonomiyaki has been called nikuten in Takasago City and the surrounding areas since time immemorial.

Kuroba is a nikuten restaurant in the middle of a busy shopping center, and its owner who is also the leader of the Takasago Nikuten Association, showed us how to make nikuten.

Kuroba – A Takasago Nikuten Restaurant

First, spread the dough out thinly like a crepe on the hotplate. Then, put on a lot of cabbage, potatoes, sinewy beef, tempura scraps and konyaku (jelly made from devil’s tongue) and cook.

That’s right, it actually has potatoes.

Originally, nikuten was okonomiyaki with oden. It is said the name comes from the meat (niku) and tempura (ten).

Next, when the dough gets crispy and starts to smell good, flip it over and cook the other side. When the cabbage starts to get soft, fold it in two.

Brush with sauce and sprinkle green seaweed and ginger on top. And that’s it, it’s ready to eat!

Let’s try some!

The light crispy dough, and the sweet-salty flavor of the meat go really well together. But the best part is the combination of the hot, soft potatoes and the soft, springy konyaku. It’s easy to imagine that back in the day it would be folded, wrapped in newspaper and eaten as a snack.

Kisoji – Another Nikuten Restaurant

I also had nikuten at Kisoji in front of Takasago station.

Here, they don’t fold it, but rather cook it on both sides until it’s crispy.

Again, the soft potatoes and sweet sauce work perfectly together.

If you ever feel like going on a little nikuten-hunt, you can get a Takasago Nikuten Map at the tourist information center at the station, among other places!


Address: 1F (ASPA Takasago) AEON Takasago, 2-1-40 Midorigaoka, Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture
Open: 9:00~20:00
Closed: Open year round
Tel: 079-444-3003
Parking: Available


Address: 2-1-1 Takasago, Hamada, Takasago City, Hyogo Prefecture
Open: 11:30~22:00
Closed: Mondays & the 2nd Tuesday of the month
Tel: 079-442-2197
Parking: Available

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Madoka Hori

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