Sun Resort NIO: An Ideal Spot for Food, New Experiences & Staying Over

Located in the west of Kagawa prefecture, the Shonai peninsula protrudes slightly out into the Seto Inland Sea.
Here you can find a restaurant that serves Neapolitan pizza made with fresh, local ingredients.

“Sun Resort Nio” at Nio-cho, Mitoyo city.



The first detail that hits your eyes is an area of lush, green, thickly growing grass.
The sense of liberation you feel is almost that of reaching a tropical island!



The exterior looks like an old warehouse, but beyond the large, bright windows there is an open terrace. On the right at the back, you can also see a pizza oven.



The restaurant’s pride is its Neapolitan pizza made with local ingredients!
The oven was ordered directly from Naples and is authentically warmed daily with firewood.
The pizza craftsman uses his holidays to train in Naples.
The passion! Walking around eating every kind of pizza!



The pizza menu that changes according to the season is also part of the fun.
From November, we recommend the Nio Limone squeezed luxuriously full of lemon harvested in Nio-cho.
The full flavor of the cheese and the lemon’s fresh sourness work surprisingly well together!



And then, the reason for using the word “resort” in the name of the restaurant…
Actually, the restaurant is only part of the fun. This is a spot that can be enjoyed even if you arrive with a camping car!
It’s really popular among campers from outside Kagawa prefecture, as well.



You can park your car on the wide grass area, put up your tent and enjoy barbequing, as well as do some sports at the large court inside the warehouse, or enjoy sea kayaking in the nearby ocean.



Mr. Mino, the restaurant owner, says, “I wanted to create an ideal resort area for enjoying food, experiences and staying over in my hometown.”



Just like he himself was brought up, he wanted to bring his children up in an environment surrounded by nature, so he decided to start up a restaurant in his home area in Kagawa prefecture.
The Shonai peninsula charmed him, so he renovated a warehouse that was once used by a timber company, and opened a restaurant together with his friends. From here on, he has his sights set on introducing other shops and creating a place that can be enjoyed even more fully by visitors.

This is a photograph taken from behind the restaurant. This is Mr. Mino’s favorite place, apparently.



“After business hours, I like to make preparations for the next day here while looking at the sunset.”

In addition to the sublime environment, the secret behind the popularity of this resort may be that Mr. Mino himself enjoys this place.

At Sun Resort Nio, you can enjoy a relaxed day together with your partner or your family.
We look forward to seeing how things develop once other stores gather around the restaurant!

Contact details:
Sun Resort Nio:
Facebook: (Japanese)
Sea Kayak: (Japanese)

Address: 326 Ienoura, Nio-cho, Mitoyo city, Kagawa Prefecture
Tel: 0875-82-3711
Business hours:
Weekdays: 11.00 AM ~ 7.00 PM
Saturday, Sunday, Public holidays: 9.00 AM ~ 7.00 PM
Holidays: Every Monday (in case Monday is a public holiday, the following day)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Seitaro Miki



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