Almost Like Finland! Enjoy Nordic Style & Good Coffee at Kinoshitashouten : Oku (Okayama Prefecture)


Mr. Kinoshita opened “Kinoshitashouten” in Oku-cho, at the entrance of Ushimado, in June 2010. Originally Mr. Kinoshita wanted to sell roasted coffee beans. Kinoshitashouten was born from combining a roastery and a cafe. Since then, both local residents and tourists have loved the store. From the moment it opens in the morning, it’s bustling all day with visitors of all ages and gender.




Mr. Kinoshita became a coffee shop owner out of his intense love of roasting coffee. His coffee bean preferences are somewhat unusual. The coffee beans used at the store are selected carefully one by one from among ripe coffee beans. Also, the non-ripe beans change day by day as time goes by. Because the degree of roasting depends on the bean’s condition, Mr. Kinoshita conducts bean tasting everyday without fail.



Coffee shop culture is deeply enrooted in Okayama prefecture. They served as places to relax for Seto Ohashi Bridge blue-collar construction workers and Mizushima Island’s industrial area, etc. The number of the coffee shops (not cafes but real coffee lounges) found in the prefecture is among the highest in Japan.


It used to be that highly blend-oriented light users were the majority. However, after having a taste of Kinoshitashouten’s authentic coffee, apparently many people have switched to single origin coffee.



Mr. Kinoshita’s preferences can be seen in the tableware, as well. He utilizes Nordic brands such as Arabia and Iittala, among other brands. With the style reminding you of the warmth that found in the film “Kamome Shokudo”, you can enjoy some first-rate downtime.



“Normal things should be normal, obvious things should be obvious” is Kinoshitashouten’s concept.



The ingredients used for foods that can be enjoyed along the coffee are mostly from within Setouchi city area. Even the wheat flour used is made in the neighboring Osafune-cho.


Furthermore, even the ketchup and mayonnaise among other flavorings are homemade.
At Kinoshitashouten, food safety and security are “normal and obvious things”.



This is the store’s most popular BLTE sandwich. Both the eggs and the vegetables are all locally produced. The thoroughness goes all the way to the self-smoked bacon.



Visiting Setouchi city with eyes on Kinoshitashouten coffee… We recommend having a relaxing day out like that, as well.


Address: 342-2 Owari, Oku-cho, Setouchi city, Okayama Prefecture

Access: 5 minutes from Setouchi IC / 6-minute walk from Oku train station
Telephone: 0869-24-7733
Business hours: 7.00~18.00 (Last orders at 17.30)
Holidays: Closed on Thursdays

URL: (Japanese)
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Asami Asai / Katsutoshi Asai (Kokohore Japan)



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