The ‘Warring Ages’ Kawanoe Castle & Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom (Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture)

Kawanoe Castle is the remains of a castle that existed from the Japanese middle ages until the Warring ages. As the area was once a strategically important point for transportation linking Iyo, Sanuki, Dosa and Awa provinces, struggles between daimyo in the Warring ages unfolded in the region.
Kawanoe castle has been rebuilt. This is the entrance gatehouse.

When you pass through the gate, you enter a space that is built in a way that invading enemies can be struck from four sides with bows and arrows and guns.


When you advance further, the castle keep rises up in front of your eyes! Beautiful!
The trick to taking a nice photograph is to crouch down and take it from an angle looking up at the castle.

Climbing up to the 4th floor of the castle keep affords views of the surrounding area. You can see well the islands floating in Seto Inland Sea as well as to the sea itself.
On clear, sunny days you can see all the way to Shimanami Kaido, apparently!


Inside the keep there is an ongoing exhibition of historical materials mainly from the Warring ages.
History lovers will also be greatly satisfied.

And then, the biggest highlight of Kawanoe castle!

This is a scene from the cherry blossom season!!
Every spring the Shiroyama Park Sakura Festival is arranged.
During this period the sakura are lit up and the park is bustling with events, tea parties and live concerts, etc.


Kawanoe castle’s beautiful appearance changes according to the season.
The castle from the Warring ages that once acted as the scene for battles has now become the town’s symbol.

How about going a bit further afield next spring and enjoying cherry blossom viewing at the castle?

Kawanoe Castle:
Location: 1087-4 Kawanoe-cho, Shikokuchuo city, Ehime Prefecture
Open: 9.00-16.00 Closed every Monday (In case Monday is a national holiday, closed the following day)
Entrance: Adults JPY100

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka



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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka / Photo-writer Born in 1974 in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, and currently living there, Hironobu is the president of Mediapolis Inc. "I travel around the country in Solar King, an eco-camping car that has a solar power generator, and film the beautiful scenery of Japan in high-definition. I want to move around the country as much as possible and leave behind videos of precious Japanese nature and scenery for future generations to enjoy. Although I travel all over the country, I love my home area of Setouchi." 'Healing Japan TV' - Traveling virtually around the country through 'healing videos'.


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