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Not Just Mandarins! Ehime’s Handicrafts Are Amazing!

Dear readers, do you think that Ehime’s charms lie only in “mandarins”?
Actually, there are many Ehime prefecture specialties even among everyday items.

Mizuhiki handicrafts are one of those specialties.
They’re made of “mizuhiki” – paper cords that are often used as lovely decorations for Japanese congratulation gift envelopes.
The cords with which women tide their hair during the Edo period are mizuhiki’s predecessors. Nowadays they are used for a growing variety of purposes.
A dragon that is delicate yet full of motion. It is a precious handicraft work that could not have been made with anything other than human hands.


This is a ‘tobeyaki’ porcelain dish. Designated as an Ehime prefecture intangible cultural asset, Tobeyaki is mainly made in Tobe, Ehime prefecture.
The unique indigo blue decorations called “gosu” are impressive.
The plumb thickness and highly sophisticated design are popular even among non-collectors.
These dishes are also used at the 2nd floor restaurant, Kaorihime, of the Kagawa & Ehime showroom.

Pearls, an indispensible accessory with women’s formal wear.
Ehime prefecture’s pearl production rate is, believe it or not, the largest in Japan. Did you know that?
Your own pearl necklace may also originate from Ehime prefecture.
Pearls are used not only for accessories, but also for cosmetics and traditional medicine.
Next, we’d like to introduce a product that the “Kagawa & Ehime Setouchi Shunsaikai” showroom would like women to try out.


It is a skin care soap called “Hana Shinju”.

The writer tried it. It produces a smooth, fluffy foam that leaves a refreshed feeling after washing your face.
Pearl powder has an impurity absorbing effect, and apparently it removes dead skin and even the impurities deep within the creases of your skin, leaving a refreshed feeling. It is also said to have a deodorizing effect even better than charcoal.
Another pleasant feature is that it contains no preservatives, coloring or other additives.

Please take a look at Ehime handicrafts with your own eyes – You won’t be disappointed!
You can find them on the second floor of the “Kagawa & Ehime Setouchi Shunsaikan” showroom. Also, check out the tourist exchange corner.
Kagawa & Ehime Setouchi Shunsaikan

Location: Shinbashi Marin Building 1 & 2 floor, 2-19-10 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3574-7792
URL: http://www.setouchi-shunsaikan.com/contents/index.html (Japanese)




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