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No Weight Gain?! Dreamlike “Rare Sugar”!!

Despite being an indispensable ingredient in not only sweets but also Japanese cuisine, it’s an enemy if you’re dieting not to mention the root cause of some lifestyle diseases!
However, it’s hard to deny yourself delicious foods all the time… an everyday struggle for this sweet-toothed writer!
I might gain weight…but I want to eat!
If only there was a sugar that didn’t make you gain weight!
The day of that sweet sweet dream being fulfilled may be close…

Have you heard about “rare sugar”?
Just as its name suggests, it’s a rare sugar, a monosaccharide that exists only in extremely small amounts in the nature.
Research on the subject is on going, with Kagawa University taking a leading role. So far, around 50 sugar varieties have been confirmed, and within these varieties, two sugars called “D-psicose” and “D-allose” are getting attention.
To explain what is so amazing about these sugars…
Although they have seven-tenths the sweetness of sugar, they have almost no calories!
Dear readers, I’ll say it one more time! Zero calories!

And it doesn’t end there: In addition to anti-oxidative and anticancer properties, using the sugars in cooking gives food a good flavor… Many more effects are anticipated.
They are truly the sugars of our dreams. With cooperation of the prefecture, development is being carried out on products utilizing rare sugar.

In order to get our hands on this dreamlike sugar without delay, we made a special trip to Kagawa! However, for those who live in the Tokyo area, there is a short cut, the Kagawa prefecture showroom.


There are many products including spices and cakes in which rare sugar has been utilized.
This time we bought some unusual olive flavored hard candies and black soy bean sweets.

There is both sweetness and depth of flavor – they’re just as delicious as sweets made with normal sugar that we’re used to eating!
It’s nice to know that these are lower in calories than all the sweets up until now.

The sugar of our dreams, “rare sugar”. There are plenty of other products as well, so come by and have a look for yourself!
Kagawa & Ehime Setouchi Saishunkai

Location: Shinbashi Marin Building 1 & 2 floor, 2-19-10 Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3574-7792
URL: http://www.setouchi-shunsaikan.com/contents/index.html (Japanese)




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