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”Green Lemon Island” Famous for its Lemon Cuisine (Iwagi Island, Ehime Prefecture)

Iwagi Island located in Kamijima-cho, Ochi District, Ehime Prefecture, is called “Green Lemon’s Island”. There are lemon trees everywhere on the island, and they are also the local product!
This time allow us to introduce the lemon island’s popular farm restaurant, “Debeso Obachan no Mise” (‘Aunt Debesoo’s Restaurant’).

This is the “Aunt Debeso”, Ms. Nishimura, the owner.
“Debeso” means ‘pushy’ in the local Japanese dialect.


The restaurant that was created by remodeling her home is filled with a somewhat nostalgic air. It’s almost as if I’d come to visit my grandmother in the countryside – a very calming atmosphere…

The lemons on Iwagi Island are harvested while they’re still green.
Though it is said that lemons harvested while still green don’t have enough juice and so don’t taste good, Iwagi Island lemons are truly juicy and really delicious.


“Lemon kaiseki” (‘kaiseki’ is a sophisticated Japanese meal) is the superb result of extensive research and development carried out cuisine using local green lemons.
All dishes within the 11 dish course utilize plenty of lemon.
“Are the kaisei dishes all sour?”
You’re bound to think so, but when you try some you will be surprised!
Each dish is deliciously refreshing with a good aftertaste! You won’t mind the acidity.
A lot of thought is put into each dishes’ appearance, and all are kaiseki filled with lemon’s charms.

This dish called “Tonda lemon” allows you enjoy the lemon all the way to its skin.
Even the name of the dish is unique!
The pork wrapped inside the lemon is grown on Iwagi Island – these special pigs are fed lemon while growing.


Even for dessert, there are sweets and tea with lemon.
The “Lemon heart” using lemon butter developed by Ms. Nakamura and others is a delicacy.

Those are lemon leaves floating within the tea…
Even the leaves have the fragrance of real lemon.


The lemon that was always the supporting act has become a fine main act!
If you have the chance, try the love-filled lemon kaiseki made by the pushy auntie.
‘Debeso Obachan no Mise’ (The Pushy Aunt’s Restaurant)
Location: 3057 Iwagi, Kamijima-cho, Ochi District, Ehime Prefecture
TEL: 0897-75-2843

Ask about business hours, etc.
Parking: Available
URL: http://www.cyclo-shimanami.com/point/kamijima/post-38.php (Japanese)

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Maki Ohashi





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