Young Yellowtail ’Tsukedon’ with Deep-Fried Oysters! Enjoy your fill of Setouchi’s Seasonal Delicacies at the Local Diner!

When talking about Kagawa prefecture, most people have a strong image of Sanuki udon noodles. However, as the Seto Inland Sea is very nearby, you can also easily enjoy the fresh harvests of the sea.


Today we’re going to introduce “Kaisen Shokudo Jakoya” (‘Seafood Diner Jakoya’) located at Mure-cho, Takamatsu city.
If you take National Route 11 west from the city for around 20 minutes, you’ll come to a roadside station called “Genpei no Sato Mure”. You’ll find “Kaisen Shokudo Jakoya” is filled with locals on weekdays and tourists during the holidays.

At Jakoya, you can enjoy dishes made from fresh ingredients for around JPY100-JPY600 per dish. Dishes include sashimi, fish sautéd in soy sauce, tempura, and donburi (bowls of rice with various toppings), etc. There are usually around 60 dishes to choose from!

The food is prepared by local ladies – you can enjoy a simple, nostalgic meal.


Jakoya’s most popular dish is the young yellowtail fish tsukedon (raw fish dipped in soy sauce served on top of vinegared rice).  A regular serving costs JPY650, which is surprising good value considering the size of the portions!

Young yellowtail has the image of being greasy, but the flavor is surprisingly light, the texture just right, and you can tell that the ingredients are fresh. During the season, from autumn to winter, you can enjoy tsukedon with Kagawa prefecture’s brand fish, the “olive young yellowtail fish”.

These are deep-fried oysters (only available in winter) and rice seasoned and cooked with oysters. The oysters used in the dish are taken from Shido Bay within Kagawa prefecture.
One of Jakoya’s charms is that you can eat dishes made using seasonal ingredients.



After you’ve filled your stomach, let’s head to the direct sales market and local product corner that is combined with the roadside station.
At the direct sales market you can buy fresh Kagawa-prefecture-grown vegetables supplied mainly by local farmers at a reasonable price.
At the local product corner, you can find a selection of locally made items from Kagawa and Shikoku as well as unique products gathered from other areas – A perfect spot for shopping and for finding souvenirs.

Jakoya is so popular that is has people lining up at lunchtime and during vacations. In case you want to drop by, we recommend arriving a little bit early. The menu is rich in variety making you want to try everything, so go with an empty stomach!

“Kaisen Shokudo Jakoya” (‘Seafood Diner Jakoya’):
URL: (Japanese)
Address: 631-7 Hara Mure-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Within the roadside station, “Genpei no Sato Mure”
Closest station: Around a 5-minute walk from Shioya station and Fusazaki station (Kotoden Shido Line)
Business hours: Weekdays 11.00-14.00. Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 11.00-15.00
Holidays: No holidays

TEL: 087-845-6080

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Yumi Kobayashi




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