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Delicious, Healthy Sweets Made from Famous Local Ehime Ingredients!

It is said that in Ehime prefecture “there are three suns”.
The first one shines in the sky of the southern region, the second reflects off the ocean, and the third is the sun’s reflection shining on the stone wall built in the mountains.
The citrus fruit that receives light from these three suns is exceptionally sweet and juicy. Both mandarins and lemons are grown in Ehime prefecture.

As a delicious souvenir, we recommend the “Shima Lemon no Choco-sando” (Island Lemon Chocolate Sandwich) that is made using Ehime prefecture’s Omishima-Island-grown lemons.
They are sandwich-style cookies with a bittersweet mixture of lemon and white chocolate squeezed between two crunchy lemon-shaped pieces of shortbread.

The acidity of the lemon comes through beautifully. They are not too sweet, and the combination of the texture of the cookie and the creaminess of the white chocolate is filling.


They are highly satisfying sweets. We recommend them as souvenirs for female friends, and they are also a perfect accompaniment for afternoon tea.

Products provided by Hinata Sweets:
With the glistening southern sun overhead, Ehime’s clear blue sea offers many blessings. Plankton are abundant in the strong sea currents of narrow channels such as the Seto Inland Sea, which in turn attracts large numbers of small fish and shrimp.
That’s why the sea is so abundant with small fish! Don’t miss local products that use small fish caught in that beautiful sea.


Among those products, there is an item called “Okaasan no Iriko-ni Daizu” (‘Mom’s Bean-Iriko-ni’) that we would like to add to today’s side dishes.


Sweet and salty ‘iriko-ni’ prepared from Japanese soybeans and Seto Inland Sea anchovies retains the savory taste of the soybeans and the deep flavor of ‘iriko’ (Japanese anchovies), making the flavor very sophisticated.
The product can be used in a wide variety of ways: as a savory treat for children, as a lunchbox item, or as a snack to go with beer. In addition, it’s an affordable and healthy product from the Seto Inland Sea area.

Products provided by Ishimaru Yazo Shoten YK:
Next, let’s focus on the flavor of “Baisen Tesei Iriko” (‘Home-roasted anchovies’), a nostalgic treat for children from the Setouchi area. The only ingredients are Seto Inland Sea grown Japanese anchovies and salt – no additives, colors or preservatives.
The product makes use of the natural flavor of the anchovies, and the more you chew, the more apparent the flavor becomes. They’re filled with calcium, and include no sugar, so we recommend them as excellent souvenir snacks for families with children.


Products Provided by the Turusaki Foods Corporation:

Cooperation with article: Nippon Access Inc.

Setouchi Brand products can be purchased from souvenir corners and the like at Setouchi area roadside stations and airports, etc.

On the Setouchi Brand Relationship http://www.setouchiweb.jp/relationship/index.html (Japanese)

Setouchi Photo-writer: Makoto Esaki & Yoko Suganami (Rainbow Sake Co.,Ltd.)



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Rainbow Sake

Yoko Suganami Rainbow Sake, Inc. After an extended stay in Hawaii, in 2011, I returned to my hometown of Kure, Hiroshima. Having worked at advertising companies in both Japan and Hawaii, I founded Rainbow Sake - a PR company with the goal of spreading Sake abroad. I hope that sake will ""bring the people of the world together"" and that I can be a part of that. I often travel abroad, and mostly to Hawaii and Singapore. Every time I come back home, I rediscover the beauty of my hometown and the happiness the easygoing, calm, fresh and simple sea and mountains of Setouchi bring. http://www.rainbowsake.com


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