1st in Japan! A Tokushima Prefecture Antenna Shop inside a Convenience Store…?

Antenna shops are stores that sell special products from Japan’s different administrative regions. Here is a slightly different version.

This is a Lawson convenience store in Tomoe-cho, Toranomon (Tokyo).
You can see the sign with the store’s familiar blue logo, and next to it the letters “Na! Tokushima”.

Inside this Lawson is an antenna shop that offers items from Tokushima prefecture. This is the first antenna shop established within a convenience store in the whole of Japan.


Sudachi-kun welcomes customers…

In a corner of the store there is a booth with the special products lined up.

The sweets, which are popular with people working nearby, are not sold in souvenir boxes, but are available individually in the typical convenience store way.

A tower of flavored seaweed (Oono nori) occupies the space next to the magazine rack.


Served at the table of every house, residents of Tokushima prefecture love this flavored seaweed (Oono nori).


Flavored seaweed may sound a bit plain, but at this store it’s hugely popular. Apparently there are more than a few people who buy 2 to 3 packages. We, the editors, bought one package and were surprised by its crispy texture, which is completely different to the flavored nori we are used to. It’s slightly thicker and the crispiness is completely different!


It is of course delicious with rice, but it is also great on its own as a snack! You’ll understand why so many people think that other types of seaweed just won’t do!



These rows of products in the cold storage area may be nostalgic for those with some connection to Tokushima…
These are “fish cutlets” that originate from Tokushima prefecture.
In Tokushima, when talking about cutlets, people are not usually referring to pork, but rather about these fish cutlets!
They are a dish so familiar to Tokushima residents that they are stocked in every house.
The cutlets are usually sold in bags of two. Locals eat them as is, but for people who want to eat them hot, a package was specially developed so that they can be warmed up in the microwave.

This is a fish cutlet.
They are deep fried minced fish seasoned with spices and dipped in breadcrumbs before frying.
As they are very savory, please use sauce and mayonnaise according to your own preference. They have an indescribably nostalgic flavor…
In Tokushima they are enjoyed in a great variety of ways: as a side dish, as a snack, or together with alcohol…

There are plenty of other Tokushima specialities, as well.
Those readers, who live nearby, why not pick up a Tokushima product together with your usual groceries??
Nattokushima Lawson Toranomon Tomoe-cho store

Location: 3-11-15 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-6402-8163
Homepage: http://tokushima-bussan.com/shops/tokyo/ (Japanese)


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