“Sake Urara”, A Licquor Store with Fondness, Established by A Sake-Loving Woman : Nishiawakura Village (Okayama Prefecture)

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Do you like sake?
Daiginjo, junmaiginjo, honjozo… There are a myriad of sake types and a wide range of manufacturing methods, and thus it often seems to have an image of being “hard to understand” and “a liquor of acquired taste”.
Owned and operated by “sake-loving” Rio Domae, Sake Urara was established in a corner of Nishiawakura village called Mori no Gakko (a former school). Ms. Domae simply loves sake and its makers.


“To be able to drink as much delicious sake as possible, one should operate a liquor store. I want everyone to drink the sake brewed by these wonderful people”, were the thoughts of this exceptional woman who established a liquor store out of love.



In a space rented from a local venture company that utilizes a former school, bottles of sake that Ms. Domae has tasted and thought to be really delicious fill the overflowing rows.



It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about sake. Ms. Domae has created comment cards overflowing with love for each sake type, so you can choose according to your preference.
In addition, by telling Ms. Domae that “I like this kind of sake” or “this is what I’m feeling like today” or who your favorite celebrity is, etc., she will choose a sake suitable for you.



According to Ms. Domae, “Sake is good in places where the water is good”, so the main sake in the store is now ‘Sanin no Sake’. Sake from north-east Japan used to be the best, but from here on Sanin no Sake is the thing.”

In addition Ms. Domae carries her favorite sake around and develops “Business Trip Sake Bars” around Japan. She travels all corners of the country to spread the word about sake that she loves from the bottom of her heart.  “I want to create places where you can drink delicious sake while enjoying a fun conversation in various locations.”


At the business trip sake bar, taking into consideration its flavor and the season, among other things, be it hot, room temperature or cold, sake will be provided in its most delicious state. In addition it will be offered in a carefully chosen container or cup. She indeed loves, loves, loves sake…!

The sake Ms. Domae recommends most highly is “Tamazakura”. Brewed by large big-hearted brothers in Onan, Shimane prefecture, it’s a sake that brings out the unaffected flavor of rice. Its special characteristic is its sourness that makes you hungry, and warmed up it goes well with food.

Naturally, for those of you who like sake, but also for those who don’t, we recommend finding a sake that is perfect for you while listening to people asking things like, “Doesn’t drinking sake make you feel sick?” If it does, it’s because of having a beer beforehand and therefore mixing things that should be kept separate. If you drink good sake from the start, you won’t feel sick.

A small business that is a perfect example of “what one likes, one will do well”, it’s a new famous location in Nishiawakura village.


Sake Urara:
Address: 895 Kageishi, Nishiawakura village, Aida District, Okayama Prefecture, Inside Nishiawakura – Mori no Gakko

Contact: 090-6408-8695
Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Asami Asai / Katsutoshi Asai




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