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A Nostalgic Flavor from South-West Hyogo… Itomen – Chicken Champon Noodles!


Are you familiar with Itomen’s Champon noodles?
Many people from the south-west part of Hyogo prefecture may right now be thinking “How nostalgic!”
The noodles are a long-selling product (since1963), but only available in some regions, and are completely different from the Nagasaki Champon noodles known throughout Japan.
Apparently they have a firmly rooted popularity among local people, enough to have someone write online, “Itomen’s Champonmen. I wonder if there’s any place to buy them in Tokyo…”

The editors of Setouchi Finder met with this product at the Hyogo prefecture antenna shop, “Hyogo Waku Waku Kan”. The shop manager, who is from Hyogo, recommends it highly. In Tokyo, it is only available here! The manager recommended preparing the noodles in a way that includes pouring in some beaten eggs.

So, without further ado, we cooked the noodles.
The contents of the bag are extremely simple:
Dried noodles, a soup base, and a pouch of seasonings including dried shrimp and shiitake mushroom.

We added raw eggs…


We put in the dried noodles and seasoning, and poured in the soup base and the beaten eggs after the water had boiled. We thought that maybe they would be a bit like instant ramen noodles, but the part where the noodles are boiled together with the seasonings that bring out the flavor was a bit different…
The delicious smell of shrimp and shiitake mushroom~

To finish off, we added beaten egg while stirring the mixture. When it’s cooked enough, the dish is ready.
Bon appétit!


Oh! This is a flavor that is rather filled with originality!!
On the bag it says “assari” ‘light’, but the presence of the shrimps and shiitake mushrooms that were in that small bag is amazing! This must be what is behind the delicious flavor.
The soup stock’s flavor works well and the soft deep flavor goes great with the egg topping.
It was delicious! I think I’ll get another bag!

Apparently there are plenty of other ways to customize the recipe.
There are 3 recipes on the Itomen website (in Japanese):


If any readers can recommend a way of eating the noodles, please let us know!

Cooperation: Hyogo Waku Waku Kan:

Location: Tokyo Koutsukaikan Underground 1st floor, 2-chome10-1, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6273-4133
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hyogowakuwaku (Japanese)
Homepage: http://www.hyogowakuwaku.com (Japanese)

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