Naruto Park: Outstanding Bridge & Whirlpool Views!

Naruto Park is situated on the Shikoku side (Tokushima prefecture) of the Naruto Strait that separates Awaji Island and Shikoku. There are various viewing spots in the area from where visitors can see the whirlpools and Onaruto Bridge from various angles and heights.


The observatory points described below are all located within short distances of each other. Indeed, the fact you can circle them all on foot is one of the biggest charms of Naruto Park!


Below is a map of Naruto Park’s grounds. This time we will introduce five spots that offer amazing sights!

The first one is Eska Hill Naruto. It’s located within a short walk of the parking area at the center of the park. Enter the building and take Asia’s longest escalator!!


There is an observatory platform located on the roof that offers panoramic views of the Naruto Strait and Onaruto Bridge, while on the opposite shore Awaji Island is clearly visible.



Further on, the small white building you can see down on the left in the photograph will appear again later on…
If you zoom up on the sea, you can even see the whirlpools in the Strait. Telescopes are available for a fee, so please have a look.



The second spot is the pedestrian bridge right nearby Eska Hill Naruto. It’s designed for crossing the expressway, but from the middle you can see Onaruto Bridge! As an observatory point for a bridge, the angle is quite rare.

The third spot is the Ochaen observatory platform. After crossing the pedestrian bridge, keep walking for around 5 minutes and you will reach it. Actually this is a historical observatory platform that is said to have been built by the Hachisuka clan who were the former feudal lords of Tokushima.



There was of course no bridge during the Edo period, but generations of feudal lords must have enjoyed this view, too.
The fourth point is Senjojiki. You can reach it in around 10 minutes on foot from the Ochaen observation platform. From here you can see a dynamic view looking up from the foot of Onaruto Bridge!



Furthermore, within Onaruto Bridge you can find the “Uzu no Michi” (‘Way to the Whirlpools’). If you walk along the bridge girder while facing the sea, you can see the whirlpools right beneath you.

And lastly, the fifth point is Magosaki. Climb up the hill from Senjojiki and after a while you will reach it. Magozaki is the furthest point on the Shikoku side of the Naruto Strait, and the chalk white Magosaki lighthouse stands there.



The white building you saw before when looking down from Eska Hill Naruto was actually this lighthouse! In other words, the trail leads all the way here.
You can view Onaruto Bridge from the observation platform in front of the lighthouse. From here, you can see the whole of the bridge from the side. Sightseeing boats to the whirlpools among others ships pass by frequently.



The five viewing points are all within a 10-minute walk of each other. There’s also a short cut to the parking area on your way back.


Seeing the multiple faces of Onaruto Bridge while taking a light walk, this is the biggest charm of Naruto Park!


Location: Fukuike, Tosadomariura,  Naruto-cho, Naruto city, Tokushima prefecture

Guide Homepage: http://www.city.naruto.tokushima.jp/kanko/map/narukoen.htm (Japanese)


Eska Hill Naruto
Business hours: 8.30-17.00 (Open all year round)

Fees: Adults JPY400, elementary & middle school students JPY100

Setouchi Finder Photo-writer: Hironobu Matsuoka



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Hironobu Matsuoka

Hironobu Matsuoka

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